A person who has attached an antenna for satellite Internet / Starlink to the hood of a car appears

SpaceX, founded by Elon Musk, is a space development company that succeeded in launching America's first private spacecraft in collaboration with NASA. SpaceX is not only developing rockets and spacecraft, but also deploying the satellite Internet service 'Starlink ' by launching more than 10,000 artificial satellites in the orbit of the earth, but the antenna for using this Starlink A car that was attached to the bonnet of a car was discovered and has become a hot topic.

Police ticket driver for sticking Starlink terminal on car's hood --The Verge

A highway patrol in California, USA, posted on the official Facebook account that 'I found a car with a Starlink antenna on the highway.'

A California highway patrol wrote that when he stopped a car with something on the hood and checked with the driver, he said, 'I'll block my view only when I turn right.' Article 26708 of the California Vehicle Law recommends that you do not place objects on the hood, as it is illegal to place objects on the hood to block your view.

The driver, who had installed the Starlink antenna on the hood of the car, said he had installed the antenna for business.

In addition, SpaceX is in the stage of applying to the regulatory authority so that Starlink can be used on automobiles, and first of all, an application is being made to install it on trucks, ships, aircraft and so on. However, it seems that it will take some time before Starlink's services can be used in ordinary cars, Musk said, 'The user terminal is too big to connect Tesla's car with Starlink. This is an aircraft or ship. , heavy-duty trucks, those are for the campers 'and tweets have been.

SpaceX applies to regulators to use satellite Internet 'Starlink' on trucks, ships and aircraft-GIGAZINE

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