I tried to eat ``Myosei Matador x Tofu Fat W Supervised Toyama Black Style Beef Mazesoba'' in which thick beef tallow and black pepper are entwined with thick noodles

Under the supervision of popular restaurants '

Beefbone Ramen Matador ' and ' Mazesoba Tofu Fat ' in Kita-Senju, Tokyo, we changed Toyama's local ramen Toyama Black , known for its black soup rich in soy sauce, into mazesoba. ' Matador x Bullfighting W Supervised by Toyama Black Style Gyu Mazesoba ' has been released from Meisei. I tried to eat it because it is said that the thick noodles are full of rich soy sauce and the sauce characterized by the stimulation of black pepper.

'Myosei Matador x Bullfighting W Supervised by Toyama Black-Style Gyu-Mazesoba' (Released on June 29) |

'Matador x Bullfight W Supervised by Toyama Black-Style Gyuze Soba' is a package based on black.

Popular beef bone-based ramen, “BB Ramen,” a popular menu of “Beef bone ramen matador” in Kitasenju, Tokyo, and “Mazesoba specialty beef fat”, which is open only on Mondays. Mazesoba is a collaboration of 'Ushishio Mazesoba'.

Looking at the raw material names, the sauce contains soy sauce, pork fat, chicken extract, beef tallow, char siu paste, as well as Hoi Koro and

Tenmenjang soy sauce (Tenmenjang) used in mapo tofu.

Calories are 683kcal per 160g of meal.

In the package, in addition to noodles, a liquid sauce and the other ingredients were included.

The amount of hot water required to make it is approximately 770 ml.

The waiting time is 5 minutes.

After 5 minutes, throw away the hot water...

Add a black liquid sauce and stir well.

After mixing all the way, throw in the later...

Complete. The scent of soy sauce and the scent of black pepper are rising.

When you eat it, you can feel the umami of beef tallow as well as the richness and saltiness of soy sauce and the stimulation of black pepper. The noodles are thick noodles with a chewy texture, and the chewy texture goes great with the strong taste of the sauce. The cabbage contains cabbage, seasoned beef, etc. The cabbage has a crispy texture and its taste, but the umami of the beef tallow sauce is too intense and the flavored beef is hard to understand. The stimulus of the black pepper has come to the end, and it has become a dish with a strong taste that remains forever.

'Myosei Matador x Bullfight W Supervised by Toyama Black Style Gyu Mazesoba' will be available nationwide from June 29, 2020. The suggested retail price is 230 yen, excluding tax.

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