Apple refuses to implement some web APIs in Safari due to 'privacy concerns'

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IT news media ZDNet reports that Apple has refused to implement 16 web APIs in Safari. Apple explained that it refused, 'because of privacy concerns.'

Apple declined to implement 16 Web APIs in Safari due to privacy concerns | ZDNet

According to ZDNet, the web APIs that Apple refused to implement in Safari are:

Web Bluetooth
Magnetometer API
Navigator API: deviceMemory
NetworkInformation API
Battery Status API
Web Bluetooth Scanning
AmbientLightSensor API
EME Extension: HDCP Policy Check
Proximity API
Serial API
Idle Detection

Apple has, 'by the above-described 16 types of Web API, online advertisers and data analysis company to identify and track users and their device device fingerprinting becomes possible,' it claimed that, for the web API that have already been implemented Has already taken measures.

Device fingerprinting is a user tracking method that replaces third-party cookies and can also be used for targeted advertising. For some time, Apple has put forth a policy of ``eliminating user tracking and targeting advertisements from the viewpoint of privacy'', and Apple announced the WebKit Tracking Prevention Policy in August 2019, and will implement user tracking including device fingerprinting. I showed the attitude to restrict thoroughly.

Apple will soon treat online tracking like a security vulnerability-GIGAZINE

Safari, Apple's web browser, became the hot topic for the first time as a general browser to completely block third-party cookies.

Apple's Safari completely blocks third party cookies, the first popular browser-GIGAZINE

Regarding some Web API restrictions, Apple said, 'WebKit's device fingerprinting protection is to enforce fingerprint authentication and not implement a Web API that does not protect users in a secure way.'

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