Apple is trying to delete apps that do not implement in-app purchase from the App Store, but pointed out that there are 'many exceptions'

June 18, 2020, Apple has 'the billing means

App Billing showed the view that the application will be removed from the App Store that does not use a'. However, there are many billing applications that do not pass in-app purchases like the Netflix in the App Store, and there is a ``contradiction'' in Apple's response, app developer Lanny Bose points out ..

You Download the App and it Doesn't Work

Local Time June 18, 2020, 'of the App Store, such as because of the expensive fees App Billing took measures that do not implement the' e-mail service ' HEY respect', Apple is the 'be deleted from the App Store.' Issued a warning. In this regard, Philip Schiller , Apple's Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing, said, 'There are many things developers can do to make apps work within our rules. The app is not the app we want on the App Store.'

Paid apps that need to be purchased without Apple's payment system may be excluded from the App Store-GIGAZINE

In-app billing is a system that '30% of sales (15% from the next fiscal year) will be collected by Apple as a fee', and it was criticized as 'Apple tax' because of the high fee. Some apps were trying to move away from in-app purchases, which impose high fees with the 'do not pass in-app purchases' method, but Apple is trying to counter it with the 'delete from App Store' method. I will.

However, on the other hand, Apple has allowed a billing system that does not allow in-app purchases for apps run by major companies such as Netflix. About this contradiction, Schiller explained, 'Netflix is a tool for displaying external content, and HEY is not.'

Regarding a series of Apple's claims, Bose, who is also an app developer himself, has independently compiled 'an app with a billing system that does not pass in-app purchases'. According to Bose, Netflix , GitHub , Google Docs , App Store Connect , Dropbox Password , Tesla , Soho House , Bloomberg Terminal , BCBSTX , WeWork , Salesforce , Spark Sport , U-verse , GreenEmployee , Sky Go , Nintendo Switch Online , Telehealth. By Simple Practice etc., there is a billing system that does not allow in-app billing. While allowing many exceptions, Apple requires email service apps Hey and Fastmail to implement in-app purchases.

'We haven't been able to encourage Apple to accept special cases for apps they develop for years,' Bose calls on Apple to authorize a billing system that does not allow in-app purchases.

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