'New Pokemon Snap' that Pokemon Snap revives with Nintendo Switch appears

It was announced that ' New Pokemon Snap ', which is the latest work of ' Pokemon Snap ' released for NINTENDO64 in 1999, is being developed for Nintendo Switch.

[Official] Pokémon Presents 2020.6.17-YouTube

Nintendo Switch

An island where Pokemon live

On the beach……

Discover Pikachu

Such a Pikachu is shot with a camera.

This is the island where Pokemon live

In the majestic nature...

Many Pokemons live freely.

Pasha Pasha That work that allows you to take pictures is coming back with Nintendo Switch.

'New Pokemon Snap'

The latest Pokemon Snap that appeared in 1999.

'New Pokemon Snap' for Nintendo Switch is under intense development.

About Pokemon GO. Pokemon GO Festa 2020 will be held in a new form.

In addition, that Pokemon that calls for victory will appear.

Another new information from Pokemon GO.

Mega sinkers will be implemented in 2020.

The first expansion path of Pokemon Sword Shield, 'Isolated Island of Armor', is available now

In addition, to commemorate the start of distribution, Phantom Pokemon Zeraora appears in Max Raid Battle

If trainers around the world defeat a certain number of Zeraora in Max Raid Battle within the period from June 18th to 28th, 2020, everyone will receive a different colored Zeraora.

In addition, GALAL's graceful camo onion appears in Pokemon GO

A costume inspired by the island of armor also appeared

The latest information that could not be announced on this broadcast will be announced on June 24, 2020.

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