A sorrowful photo of a man who was robbed of her by a life-size Pokemon stuffed animal

Skooch, a content creator, posted on his Twitter account that he had an unexpected tragedy when he presented a stuffed toy life-sized Maryp as a birthday present for his girlfriend. The one sad photo attached to this tweet has made a sensation on the Internet and has become a huge story.

Woman's $500 Pokemon plush sparks great internet joke-Polygon

The following tweets posted by Skooch are attracting a lot of attention on the Internet. The tweet says, 'Oh yes. I am. And my girlfriend. And my girlfriend's $500 (about 54,000 yen). 4 feet (about 1.2 meters) is a big meleep.' Attached is a photo of Skooch looking at the ceiling with a sorrowful expression, next to a woman hugging in a life-sized Maryp together. This tweet has collected more than 90,000 retweets and more than 590,000 likes at the time of writing the article.

When foreign game media Polygon interviewed Mr. Skooch, his girlfriend seems to have always slept with Maryp since he got a life-sized Maryp. Skooch said, 'I wake up many times at night and just mess around with my cell phone or look at the ceiling. At 6 am, I saw my girlfriend hugging me-sized Maryp and said, 'Oh...' I thought.'

Pictures that seem to have robbed her girlfriend of Maryp quickly became popular on Twitter, and many illustrations that reproduce the same situation as Skooch with her favorite character are starting to be posted.

The following tweet depicting the cloud that Chocobo has taken Tifa has been retweeted 3600 times or more at the time of article creation, and has collected more than 14,000 likes.

The illustration below depicts Ryuji Sakamoto, who was robbed of Jack Frost's Takanaki Anzu from Persona 5 . This tweet was retweeted about 10,000 times at the time of article creation, and has collected more than 44,000 likes.

Champion Dande hugging and sleeping in Charizard, and Kibana, a rival left behind.

Seto Kaiba hugging the blue-eyed White Dragon.

There are other Final Fantasy series...



Fire Emblem I am enjoying Skooch's tweet by mimicking Skooch's tweet about each favorite work such as Fuka Yukitsuki.

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