What is the actual state of game addiction found after a 15-year-old child was followed for 6 years?


games Donald Trump and others criticize, ' Games contribute to shootings, ' there is growing concern about the negative effects of games on children. However, a six-year follow-up of the newly announced game reveals that the game isn't harmful to about 90% of gamers.

Pathological video game symptoms from adolescence to emerging adulthood: A 6-year longitudinal study of trajectories, predictors, and outcomes.

Is video game addiction real?-ScienceDaily

`` Game addiction (game disorder) '' that overplays games to the extent that everyday life collapses is `` disease and related health problems '' which is an international guideline for classifying injuries and illnesses by the World Health Organization (WHO) Was identified as a new disease by the International Statistical Classification of .

`` Game disorder '' that overplays games so much that it interferes with everyday life is classified as ill-GIGAZINE

In addition, President Trump of the United States says that the shootings are the result of violent games and movies affecting young people, and he often says that these should be regulated.

President Trump said that violent games and movies should be regulated in response to the shooting case-GIGAZINE

To investigate the adverse effects of such games, a research paper summarizing the results of a long-term follow-up of gamers for 6 years was published in Developmental Psychology Journal , an academic journal on developmental psychology.

`` The purpose of the study is to examine the long-term effects of having a particular relationship with the game and its effect on humans over time, '' said Salah Coin, a professor who led the research. We conducted a pathological study over a period of 6 years from adolescence to adulthood in order to confirm the effects of sucrose on humans. '

In a study led by Professor Coin, a follow-up study of 385 15-year-old boys and girls for 6 years showed that 'the symptoms of playing the game excessively', 'the symptoms of being unable to stop the game', and 'health due to the influence of the game' We checked if there was any game addiction from the three items such as 'detrimental effect on function'. In addition, the survey is to ask multiple questionnaires once a year, and it includes depression, anxiety, aggression, delinquency, empathy, prosocial behavior , shyness, sensory reaction, financial stress, and problems. How to use a certain mobile phone is being investigated.

As a result of the survey, only about 10% of gamers have confirmed the symptoms of game addiction. In addition, subjects with confirmed game addiction showed symptoms of depression and increased aggression, worsening introversion, problematic use of mobile phones, high anxiety level after adulthood, etc. It was. In addition, since all variables were similar before the start of the study, the research paper said that playing the game caused adverse effects (such as depression symptoms and increased aggression) that were confirmed by the subjects. Suggests.

As a result of the study, the research team lists two major predictors of game addiction: 'male' and 'low levels of prosocial behavior.' Prosocial behavior refers to selflessly acting for people and society, and it was confirmed that those who can act voluntarily for others are less likely to become game addictive. That's why.

In addition, 72% of the subjects were found to have relatively few game-dependent symptoms during the 6-year study period. However, of the remaining 28%, 18% had moderate game addiction symptoms that did not change over time, and 10% were confirmed to have exacerbated game addiction symptoms throughout the study period. I will.

The study found in a paper: `` Although about 90% of gamers do not have dysfunction or harm to their personal life, a small percentage (about 10%) of gamers are game-dependent Suffering from illness, ”he noted, pointing out that some gamers suffer from addiction.

In addition, there is a stereotype that `` people who suffer from game addiction are those who are not economically independent who continue to play games in the basement '', but actual research shows that people who suffer from game addiction are economical It is also clear that there are many cases that are stable.

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