The Trump administration is negotiating with a chip maker to build a factory in the US, is the candidate Intel?

The Trump administration is in talks with a major processor manufacturer to build a new chip manufacturing plant in the United States, the

Wall Street Journal reports.

Trump and Chip Makers Including Intel Seek Semiconductor Self-Sufficiency-WSJ

Trump and Intel are reportedly pushing for new chip factories in the US-The Verge

Anonymous sources say the Trump administration is in talks with several chip makers to build a new chip manufacturing base in the United States. Among them, Intel is said to have 'a concrete plan to build a safe chip manufacturing plant'.

Many American companies, as well as processor manufacturers, have manufacturing bases overseas, and the Trump administration is urging them to move their manufacturing bases to Japan. In September 2019, Apple announced that '3rd generation Mac Pro will be produced in the United States.'

Apple announces `` 3rd generation Mac Pro will be produced in the United States ''-GIGAZINE

In addition to Intel, TSMC, which is in charge of manufacturing Apple's A series chips, is talking with Apple and US government officials about factory construction in the United States, according to a report from the Wall Street Journal. Among them, Intel is particularly actively continuing to discuss with the US government, and Greg S. Slater , vice president of the company, said, 'We are very serious about building a factory in the United States,' I am.

Due to the spread of the new coronavirus, there is widespread concern about relying on manufacturing bases overseas in the United States. But moving manufacturing plants to the United States is not easy. The existing supply chain formed by the investment in overseas manufacturing bases for more than 10 years and its efficiency cannot be destroyed easily, The Verge said.

'Even if these discussions become reality, don't expect Apple's chips to be manufactured in the US soon,' says The Verge.

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