Is the Iranian hacker group a cyber attack on the new corona treatment drug 'lemdecivir' manufacturer?

Reuters reported that a group of Iranian hackers was attacking cyber attacks targeting Gilead Sciences, a pharmaceutical company that manufactures `` remdecibir '' expected to be a remedy for new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) ..

Exclusive: Iran-linked hackers recently targeted coronavirus drugmaker Gilead-sources-Reuters

Lemdesibir provided by Gilead Sciences is an antiviral drug developed as a treatment for Ebola hemorrhagic fever, but it is also expected to be a specific medicine for COVID-19, and the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan will make a special case of lemdesibir on May 7, 2020. Approve.

Approved lemdecivir Applies 'special case' to new corona-Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare: Jiji Dotcom

Reuters has created a fake page that prompts users to log in to the website for the purpose of stealing accounts and passwords, and in April 2020 a link to a fake login page was emailed to the top executives of Gilead Sciences. It was confirmed that it was confirmed. However, Reuters could not determine whether this attack was successful.

Ohd Zyidenberg, a senior researcher at cybersecurity firm ClearSky, said this fake login page was designed by an Iranian hacker group to try to compromise executive email accounts using spoofed journalist emails. I argue. Also, it was confirmed that the domain of the fake login page used for the attack and the hosting server were linked to Iran.

A Gilead Sciences spokeswoman declined to comment and stated the company's policy not to discuss cybersecurity issues. The Iranian government said, 'The Iranian government is not involved in cyber attacks. The only cyber activity Iran engages in is defense, which protects Iran's net infrastructure from various attacks.' Is denied the involvement of.

According to Reuters, hackers associated with Iran have been trying to break into the World Health Organization (WHO) over the last few weeks, as well as Vietnam-related attackers targeting the Chinese government and related to COVID-19. There are many cyber attacks. In April 2020, the US government warned that 'domestic government facilities, medical institutions, research laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, etc. have been subjected to large-scale cyber attacks mainly from China.'

It turns out that China is putting a large-scale hack into the research institute of the new coronavirus-GIGAZINE

'The industry is in a state of emergency alert and we are taking special net security measures in preparation for attempts to steal COVID-19 research,' said one European biotechnology company official.

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