Two kinds of tasting reviews such as Ministop's halo halo crackling grapes which makes the stimulating texture of crackling candy pop

April 17, 2020 Ministop ``

Halo halo fruit ice strawberry '' and `` Halo halo ramune '' using frozen strawberries, `` halo halo crackling grapes '' with soft ice cream and grapes, to crackling candy with a crackling texture Appears from (Friday). In order to experience the taste of a new halo halo with crackling candy, I went to eat at once.

2020 'Halo-Halo' 1st release 4/17 (Fri.) 3 new products on sale!
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The 'Halo Halo Ramune' and 'Halo Halo Crackling Grape' use ministop soft ice cream vanilla and pure ice with a crispy texture.

Crackling Grape is a dish that contains grapes and syrup, and crackling candy that pops in your mouth.

It was said that crackling grapes contained 5 grapes, and large grains of grapes were visible between the soft ice cream and pure ice.

The texture of crackling candy is not a crisp feeling like a carbonated drink, but a strange feeling that a small balloon pops in the mouth. Combined with chilly crisp ice, it has a very exciting texture. The sweet and sour taste of the grapes and the rich soft ice cream were also perfect.

Halo halo Ramune is a classic halo halo that appears every year since 1995 when halo halo appeared.

Yellow peach, pineapple, apple, nata de coco and heart jelly are inside.

When you try it, the refreshing acidity of yellow peach and pineapple matches the rich soft cream. The smooth texture of nata de coco and the crispness of the ice were refreshing and pleasant, making it a perfect flavor for the coming hot season.

'Halo halo crackling grape' is 343 yen including tax for take-out, 348 yen including tax for eat-in, 'Halo halo Ramune' is 289 yen including tax for take-out, and 294 yen including tax for eat-in. Both can be ordered at Ministop's nationwide stores.

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