Sending nude photos and exchanging sexual messages became popular due to the effect of the pandemic

There is no day that you do not see the word 'new coronavirus' on SNS such as Twitter, but the number of posts that include the words 'nude' and 'penis picture' also increased by 384% from early March to April 2020. The marketing company

Khoros found out. Researchers have shown that changes in people's lives may result in changes in sexual behavior and sexual desire.

Why The Pandemic is Making Some People Horny--But Turning Others Off — Sex And Psychology

Sexting and nudes are on the rise during quarantine

The epidemic of the novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19) has forced many people to spend their time at home. In response to this situation, Justin Lee Miller, a social ethicist at the Kinsey Institute, surveyed about 1200 people, and one-fifth said, `` Adding new things to sexual life since the beginning of the pandemic It was answered.

This 'new thing' literally means that I hadn't tried it before the pandemic, the most common being 'sexual message exchange' and 'sending nude photos'. Also, among the people who lived with their partners, there were many 'new positions' and 'discussing delusions'.

Mr. Lee Miller and his colleagues have

started a survey on March 25, 'How people's sexual life changed,' and it seems that the overall tendency is to decrease sexual behavior. . Of course, some people have reported an increase in sexual activity, but many have answered that they have not masturbated since the beginning of the pandemic. “Some people can't feel sexual desire due to stress and anxiety, while others deal with anxiety and stress through sexual behavior,” Leigh Miller said. People say they respond differently.

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