A movie that asked Bill Gates who predicted a pandemic `` What should be done now and what to do in the future '' appeared

In 2015, shortly before the discovery of the new coronavirus at the end of 2019, Bill Gates gave a lecture at the

TED conference on `` If the next epidemic pandemic will come '' and a large-scale infectious disease A warning bell was ringing. A movie in which comedian Trevor Noah hit a serious question is released to such Gates.

Bill Gates on Fighting Coronavirus | The Daily Social Distancing Show-YouTube

When Noah (left), who hosts the American news-style comedy program `` The Daily Show '', cut out `` Welcome to the Daily Social Dancing Show '', Bill Gates (right) said: I'm honored to be with you. ' In addition, 'social distance ' is a ' social distance expansion strategy ' which means to stay out.

Noah's first question was, 'You have appeared in TED and have predicted this very accurately, and so much conspiracy theories have erupted.'

`` It is said that Gates invented the new coronavirus and that he knew this incident secretly, but his statement at TED was about the new coronavirus. Or, was that just a hypothesis at the time? 'Gates said,' Of course, I didn't know that it was a new coronavirus, and at the end of 2019 I didn't even know that they would be attacked. '

Gates, speaking of a large-scale plague in 2015, aimed to urge governments in each country to 'focus on creating a system that can respond quickly to infectious diseases and keep the number of infected people low.' . However, contrary to Gates's belief, even if it turns out that the new coronavirus is a huge threat, no effective vaccine has been identified and the testing system is not very satisfactory.

According to Gates, 'It unfortunately came to feel like' I said, right? ''

Noah said in his foreword that this was a personal question: `` What kind of mistakes have organizations such as the

World Health Organization (WHO) and the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) made to protect people? Do they think they didn't have the knowledge you had or did they ignore it if they did? '

According to Gates, there were many people who had concerns like Gates. For example,

Anthony Fouch , director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, is one of them. However, Gates believes that despite the warnings of those people, there were two main factors that led to this situation.

The first is that the new coronavirus can spread very easily. For example, the Ebola hemorrhagic fever , designated by the WHO as a `` public health emergency of international concern, '' as well as the new coronavirus, is too toxic and fatal to die before patients leave home As a result, it has not reached a global epidemic. On the other hand, the new coronavirus has relatively mild symptoms, so that patients can behave actively, resulting in the spread of the virus.

Another factor is “lack of preparation”. As Gates pointed out in a speech in 2015, countries around the world are well prepared for the war, running countless simulations and developing contingency plans. There has been no discussion on what kind of quarantine should be done, or how to tell citizens or private companies. Therefore, unlike a war in which training and logistical support are arranged in advance, each country has been forced to respond on an ad hoc basis.

Asked Noah, 'What do you think of leaders, citizens, and private companies around the world in the future?' Gates said, 'What we can do now is change behavior, And stay at home. ' He also called on the government to 'establish a system that can test for people who have symptoms or who have come into contact with them.'

Gates added, 'The ultimate solution is to make a vaccine and give it to people around the world, not just in our country.' By doing so, many people will be able to immunize against the virus and stop the spread of infection worldwide.

Noah said, 'Which countries do you want to focus on? For example, Italy and South Korea have experienced high numbers of infected people. It cannot be applied to large countries. '

In this regard, Gates admits, 'Sure, every country is different.' He added, “For example, medium-sized infections have occurred in Korea. At one time, the situation was quite serious, but inspections and quarantine were strengthened, and contacts were tracked to moderate the increase in the number of infected people. Was possible, 'Gates commented. On the other hand, the United States has more widespread infection than South Korea, and the situation is rather close to China's Hubei Province.

The United States can not take aggressive measures like China, but as a result of measures such as city blockade in China, re-starting factories and restarting schools have not re-expanded It's 'very bright news,' Gates points out. Despite the considerable financial burden, Gates says that it is not impossible to keep the infection rate at just a few percent in the United States by continuing efforts such as closing down the city.

Noah said to Gates that controlling infections should be prioritized over financial burdens: 'What do you think is the balance between economy and life? If the financial burden is prolonged, it seems inevitable that many people will eventually be sacrificed. '

Gates replied, 'Many people have an elderly family and hope that they do not get sick. There is no option to put the economy first.' He said that even if it were economically painful, the United States would work together as soon as possible, with the end of early summer, and that work and schools would be reopened by that time.

Gates points out that this will require 'enhanced testing for new coronaviruses.' Since the number of people who can be tested at one time is limited, it is necessary to give priority to `` people with symptoms / people whose close people have been diagnosed as positive by testing, healthcare workers, people who support food and infrastructure '' . Therefore, 'asymptomatic but worried people' will have to wait until a larger inspection system is in place. In addition, minimizing confusion requires not only the number of tests but also the speed of the tests. For example, in the United States, it took more than 24 hours for the results to be obtained after the test, but in Korea, the results were given within 24 hours after the test.

Gates said, `` Aggressive testing for new coronaviruses in developed countries and ending the pandemic as soon as possible can be a challenge in developing countries where large-scale testing and the development of advanced medical systems are difficult. It will also prevent the spread of the new coronavirus. '

While Gates advocates solidarity between the American people and countries around the world, Noah said, 'Even in every state in the United States, efforts to combat the new coronavirus are open.' '

Do you want to disinfect alcohol until you kiss a couple? ' President Jail Bolsonaro of Brazil disagrees with the new coronavirus measures recommended by the WHO, and Alexandre of Belarus who claims that ' vodka can be disinfected '. With the political leaders such as President Lukashenko in mind, raising the question of whether measures to combat the new coronavirus would not be as effective.

Gates said, 'Sadly, no matter how much effort the new coronavirus will spread in some areas, so there will be significant entry into those countries for several years before full vaccination can be achieved. Need to be restricted. 'He said the spread of infections in some areas and restrictions on immigration to and from such countries would be unavoidable.

On the other hand, regarding countries such as the United States, which cannot afford to close the state borders, 'Sure, some people will resist because of the heavy economic burden, but such people also need to work together. It is a cure, but if you cure it properly, the treatment will not be prolonged. 'He emphasized again that the new coronavirus control has priority over the economy.

Noah also said, 'I know you and Melinda

donated a lot of money to fight the new coronavirus, but money can't solve this problem. What do you think?' Asked a mean question.

However, Gates said, 'Funds can accelerate early efforts. For example, we have already begun producing seven vaccines with potential promising effects on the new coronavirus. I think at best two of them will work, but even if billions of dollars (hundreds of billions of dollars) are wasted, it's worth it if vaccines can be made as soon as possible. ' Said Noah, impressed and said, 'Oh, great.'

Finally, Noah asked, 'I'm asking you, who had predicted the pandemic almost perfectly, what else you want to warn about?' Gates laughed, ' Is caused by nature, but there can be human-made situations such as bioterrorism. Anyway, be prepared for the next pandemic. '

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