Microsoft releases 'Meet Now', a function that does not require an account & can use Skype only with a browser, a little limit when actually using



Microsoft has released Skype as a new feature, 'Meet Now', a video conferencing service that requires only a browser and does not require an account. I tried using other video conferencing services, such as 'Zoom', which has a series of security issues .

One click Skype conference call | Skype

Although Meet Now is offered as a Skype feature, it does not require a Skype account or software installation and works only with a browser. Supported browsers are Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome only at the time of article creation.

To start a video conference, go to the Meet Now website and click 'Create Free Conference'.

The video conference URL will be displayed.

By clicking 'Share Invitation', you can copy the URL to the clipboard and share the URL directly from Gmail etc.

Click “Start Call” ……

Moved to the screen asking for the account to use. You can enter your Skype account on this screen, but this time click 'Join as Guest' to try out Meet Now, which can be used without an account.

Enter the name of the guest account and click 'Join'. Guest accounts expire in 24 hours.

If you are using an unsupported browser, the message 'Unsupported' appears at this point and you cannot proceed.

When I clicked 'Join', the top screen of the video conference was displayed. It has the same interface as regular Skype.

You can chat and transfer files, but your guest account expires in 24 hours, so you may want to refrain from recording important exchanges.

Click 'Start Call' to start the video conference.

Turn on the camera and microphone and click Start Call.

The video conference has begun. The operation method is almost the same as normal Skype.

The difference from the desktop version using a Skype account is that the operation of the 'reaction' function is incomplete.

When you press the button, the effect appears on your camera screen, but nothing happens on the opponent's screen.

Click the 'Start recording' button at the bottom right ...

You have transitioned to the desktop download screen. Recording seems to require software installation.

When I actually tried using the Meet Now function, I found that there were functional limitations and there was a moment when I thought that it was more convenient to use Skype normally, but immediately there was no need for an account or software installation Meet Now, where video conferencing using the Skype platform can be started, felt that it was a highly mobile service.

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