Clinical trial of treatment using `` blood of a person recovered from new type coronavirus infection '' scheduled to be carried out in New York

In order to cope with the

new coronavirus infectious disease (COVID-19) , which is rampant around the world, countries are being called on to refrain from unnecessary and urgent outings, and vaccines and therapeutics are being developed. Meanwhile, it is reported that clinical trials of a treatment using 'blood of a person who has recovered from a new type of coronavirus infection' will be conducted in New York State in the United States, where the infection is spreading.

New York will be first state to test treatment of coronavirus with blood from recovered patients

Blood from recovered COVID-19 patients will be tested as experimental therapy in new trial | Live Science

New York State governor

Andrew Cuomo announced on Monday, March 23, 2020 that he will test treatment using `` blood of patients who once had a new type of coronavirus infection but subsequently recovered '' . In the test, from the blood of a recovered person plasma ( Let's go ) Will be collected and administered to patients with severe symptoms.

The plasma of a person who has recovered from the disease is called ' convalescent plasma, ' in which antibodies to the virus produced by the body's immune system are present. Therapies that administer convalescent plasma to another patient have been used for a long time.Similar treatments were used for the 1918 pandemic of the common cold and the use of convalescent plasma for the treatment of Ebola hemorrhagic fever. The treatment used has been attempted .

In China, testing with convalescent plasma in patients with novel coronavirus infection has already been conducted in China in February 2020, and it has been reported that some effects have been observed at a pilot stage. On Friday, March 20, it was reported that the first patient treated with convalescent plasma was discharged.

Serious patient is discharged from plasma cure for new virus healer, Wuhan China News: AFPBB News

'There were test results showing that injecting antibodies into humans stimulates and promotes the immune system against the disease,' Governor Kuomo said. 'This is still a trial. A clinical trial in people with serious medical conditions, , The New York State Department of Health has worked with the best healthcare providers in New York State, and the trials will begin this week. ' While some experts point out that treatment with convalescent plasma is a somewhat primitive approach, it may be the best way to combat the new coronavirus infection in the absence of effective treatments. Admitted.

Health authorities in New York expect that the FDA will approve clinical trials with convalescent plasma in the coming days. 'We are working quickly to promote the development and availability of convalescent plasma therapies,' said a FDA spokeswoman.

Arturo Casadevall , an infectious disease expert at Johns Hopkins University, who has long called for extensive treatment with convalescent plasma, said in a New York state decision, 'This is great news. This was just an idea when I started talking about treatment with convalescent plasma a week ago, but now it seems to be a reality. '

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