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Since infection was confirmed in Brazil in May 2015, it has spread rapidly, mainly in Latin AmericaZika fever. Until now, there were reports that infected people were found even in the US, such as travelers, but on February 2, the first case in the United States for the first time in the United States "infected with mosquitoes" not a case in which people were infected with zica fever via sexual activity Has been reported.

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Jika fever is a mosquito-borne infectious disease, and symptoms similar to rubella such as fever and rashes appear when infected. In general, the symptoms are said to be mild and to recover in a short period of time, but when infection of pregnant women leads to neonatal brains brains innately and lags behind brain developmentMicrocephalyIt is suspected to be related to. At the moment there are no preventive vaccines.

Although sika fever has been epidemic in the past, it has been rapidly expanding since infection was confirmed in Brazil in May 2015, and 4 million people are expected to be infected in the future.

Although it is Jika fever, which mainly uses mosquito bites as an infection route, a case was reported on February 2, infected with "people to people" by Jika fever in Dallas County, Texas, USA. According to a Dallas County official, the details are being investigated, but the infection is likely to have been caused by sexual activity with those who traveled to Venezuela. Dallas hygiene authorities call on "wearing a condom will prevent infection from sexual contact."

Regarding Jika fever, it will be in Australia on the 2nd February in early 2016An infected person has been confirmed, The infection may spread to Africa and Asia, WHO "Public health emergencies of international concernI declared. In addition, Minister of Health and Welfare of El Salvador, South America, "This year it is recommended to refrain from planning pregnancy, this is the first time we suffer from jika fever, and for the first time the first rage brings the worst damage at all times" I call on the people to refrain from pregnancy until 2018.

As Zika virus spreads, El Salvador asks women not to get pregnant until 2018 - The Washington Post

As a measure against dengue fever in 2015, it was experimentally done to release 46 million mosquitoes of genetically modified species to Piracicaba City, Brazil, but applying this technology, it is possible to apply genetically modified species A plan to release 800,000 mosquitoes was announced on January 27, 2016. Genetically engineered company was Oxitec, a biotechnology company in the UK, and male genetically modified mosquitoes are designed to kill children at the stage of bowfla, even when eggs are born with mating with female . In the city of Piracicaba in the past eight months, patients with dengue fell from 133 to 1 person.

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Dicavirus was first discovered in Ukunda's Jika Forest in 1947. The first epidemic occurred in Yap Island in Micronesia in 2007, and at the end of October 2013, about 10,000 infections were reported on Polynesia Island and 70 people were seriously injured. And in October 2015, Brazil and Colombia have reported dicakirus infection cases to the National Health Organization (PAHO) and the World Health Organization (WHO) and are now in existence.

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In addition, the area where Zika fever has been reported in the past, currently reported is as follows. The area where the dark color is presently reported is the area which is currently reported, and the light part is the area confirmed infected in the past.

The infection is seen as spreading in the flow as in the image below.

And the occurrence number of microcephaly in Brazil as of January 2016 is like the distribution map below. The case where the microcephaly is suspected on the left side, the case where the microcephaly is confirmed on the right side.

Symptoms of zica fever are as follows. It is unusual for most people to feel relieved and become severe in 4 to 5 days, but sometimesGuillain-Barre syndromeIt is also seen to cause it.

Minor fever
· Joint pain

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