A collection of color palettes 'colors.lol' where you can find impressive color combinations

The choice of 'color' that influences the impression of people is very important in designing, but it is difficult to find a combination of colors that exceeds your imagination.

Twitterbot 's ' @colorschemer ' posts color palettes randomly combining colors and words, creating combinations that people never imagined because of the bot. ' Colors.lol ', which allows you to search by color for a particularly impressive color palette of @colorschemer, is on sale .

colors.lol-Overly descriptive color palettes

When you access 'colors.lol', it looks like this. Various color combinations are displayed at random on the top page.

Unusual names such as 'desiccant sunflower' (sunflower of desiccant), 'fibrillar pinkish orange' (pinkish orange of fibril), and 'in-service merlot' (available Merlot) are lined up. In fact, this color palette was selected by UX developer

Adam Fuhrer from the bot ' @colorschemez ', which automatically posts colors and their names.

You can enjoy both different color combinations and unique names.

At the top right of the screen is a filter that can be selected from red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, blue, purple, and pink.

If you select yellow, a color palette containing yellow will be displayed.

Choosing light blue changed the atmosphere of the color palette. The selected color is used as the main color or used as a substitute color, and you can discover new things like 'There is such a combination'.

If you choose pink, it looks like this.


A share icon was shown on the right side of each color palette, so try pressing it.

Then, in addition to the color palette being displayed in a larger size, the icon for posting to Twitter was displayed in the upper right. The color code of each color is also displayed, making it easy to use color combinations in your designs.

The code of colors.lol is published on the following GitHub page.

GitHub-adamfuhrer / colors.lol: ???? Overly descriptive color palettes

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