"Paletta" that anyone can easily create a color palette that collects only "harmonious colors"

"In particular, I think that it would be nice if you could use programmers who tend to choose extreme colors such as # ff0000 red and # 00ff 00 green for the time being," I think that it is a very excellent and convenient color palette It is the color palette tool for programmers that completes in a moment simply by clicking "Paletta"is.

Paletta - HSV Color palette for every Programmer

It's extremely easy to use, just click on the color you thought "this color is good".

Then we completed a color palette with a very good balance with one shot

Various colors can be made more and more

Click "Reset" in the upper right to reset the color palette, and click on the color code section to copy the code

It is described in the official blog of the author about how the collage is selected by the mechanism.

I made a color palette tool for programmers

The method of expressing colors numerically is called colorimetric system.Ostwald color system and Munsell color system etc. Various types of color system are classified into two types of color mixing system and color development system I can.

Mixed color system is a numerical mixture of colors.The representative example is the RGB value indicating the size of red / green / blue used for mixing and the CMY value indicating the size of cyan / magenta / yellow These are mathematically easy to handle, so there is the advantage of being easy to process on a computer.

The color development system is a color system that quantifies color by hue, saturation, and lightness.When looking at the Munsell color solid on the right of the upper figure, is it easy to image? The angle of the circle is hue, radius is The saturation and the height of the axis indicate the brightness It has the advantage that it can be represented in a form close to human perception such as dark red or light blue.

When choosing in a mixed color system, it tends to be a saturated color compared with the developed color system.It is hard to choose "good feeling color" with most of the existing color palette and color code like # 123456, It is based on a mixed color system.

Therefore, I thought that it would be convenient if there was a color palette that could be selected with a color development system and exported with a mixed color system (# rrggbb), we developed a web application named Paletta.

In short, it is possible to collect "harmonious colors" by grouping them in the color space of the developing system, so should be used quite conveniently in case of emergency.

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