'Picular' which displays a list of 'colors associated with that word' as a slurry when you enter a word for free

When searching for a word, " Picular " is a service that displays a list of multiple colors associated with it. Speaking of "ocean", I think of blue and light blue, but I also use it to search for tastes of different taste than what I thought, when I bothered with "Which color should I use?" At design time It is also good to use, and even it is a good service to use as a hint of everyday coordination.


Access Picular and click the input form on the left side of the screen.

Enter "sunrise (sunrise)" as a test and press the enter key ......

The color associated with the word "sunrise" was displayed as a color palette.

When you scroll down to the bottom, you can see that many colors such as red, orange and light brown are also reminiscent.

When you click the character string written in the lower left of the color you like ... ...

The word "Copied to clipboard!" Was displayed. Click on the color you care about in Picular, you can copy the HEX color code representing the color name in HTML.

It is possible to easily display the color palette using Picular when worried that "I want to use a color that matches these words, for example, what color is there?" For example, if it is "Mars (Mars)" ...

It is said to associate colors such as light red, yellow ocher and brown, which helps when designing a design with Mars as its motif.

Then, when searching with the word "ocean (sea)" ......

The color palette of blue series which is easy to associate with the sea was also displayed.

There are also colors close to black and gray, which are associated with the ocean of the night and the sea spreading under the cloudy sky.

When searching for "sky", the blue line reminiscent of sunny blue sky was mixed with red which reminds of sunset.

Picular can search colors that are also associated with landscape and non-natural objects. Try searching by entering "dog (dog)" as a matter of fact ....

A brown-colored color palette reminiscent of Mohumovu dog's hair is displayed.

Imagine that "It will be a black or black monochrome color palette for sure" and enter "Panda (panda)", it surprisingly became a color palette with brown and green mixed. Is green coming from Sasa which is the main food of panda?

I was wondering how it would appear in a conceptual thing without substance, so when I tried searching with "passion (passion)" ......

There was red color as expected, but it became a calm color feeling color palette surprisingly.

"Hate (hate)" is a color palette with many reds.

When searching with "Calm (calm)", a color palette that seems to calm just by seeing many blue is generated.

Other than "Facebook" ... ...


It is also possible to generate color palettes from proper nouns such as "Twitter".

The displayed color palette is not necessarily as expected, and sometimes I felt "Why does this word associate with this word?" Still, it was a free service that you can enter even if you are just looking at the color palette that is made by entering various word as many as you can think of.

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