`` Japan COVID-19 Coronavirus Tracker, '' which visualizes the status of new coronavirus infections in each prefecture in an easy-to-understand manner

A report published by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare on a new type of coronavirus infection (COVID-19)

points out that it is difficult for ordinary people to understand. In response to this problem, engineer Shane Reustle released ' Japan COVID-19 Coronavirus Tracker, ' which visualized the situation in each prefecture in an easy-to-understand manner.

(2433) Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Japan Tracker

At the top of the top page, “Active” indicated by “number of confirmed cases-number of recovered persons-number of deaths”, number of critically ill patients “Critical”, and number of deaths “Deaths” are shown from the top left. From the left, the number of tests “Tested”, the number of confirmed cases “Confirmed”, and the number of recovered persons “Recovered” are shown from the left.

It looks like this when the number of confirmed cases in each prefecture is color-coded. The darker the red, the greater the number of infected cases.

Graphing the number of confirmed cases, the number of active persons, the number of recovered persons, and the number of fatalities is as follows. The vertical axis is the number of people (100 to 2500), and the horizontal axis is the date from January 24 to April 2. Until the beginning of March, the curve of the graph was gentle, but it can be clearly seen that the momentum has rapidly increased since the latter half of March.

The number of new patients has increased rapidly since March 27.

Furthermore, the change in the number of confirmed cases in prefectures where infected people have been confirmed looks like this. The vertical axis shows the number of people, and the horizontal axis shows the number of days since the number of cases exceeded 50. Hokkaido (red) and Aichi (purple) have a gradual flat graph, but Tokyo (blue) and Osaka (orange) show a clear rise. Chiba Prefecture (green) where cluster occurrence was

confirmed at facilities for the disabled is also prominent.

Detailed figures for each prefecture are also available.

Finally, travel information. Countries that are prohibited from entering Japan include Austria, Belgium, China, Estonia, France and Germany.

The main source of Japan COVID-19 Coronavirus Tracker is the press release material of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, NHK's new Coronavirus special site, as well as announcement data of each prefecture , and the list is published on GitHub. Reustle also publishes the raw data from which the infographics were based.

GitHub-reustle / covid19japan

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