How to identify the 'Doma Spreading Bot' that spreads on Twitter and Instagram?

Social media, such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, have become the primary information tools and have become deeply rooted in the lives of modern people. However, on such social media, a

bot account has been released that circulates information about a new coronavirus infection (COVID-19), which has been rampant since the end of 2019. Ryan Coe , a professor of cybersecurity at the University of Queensland, explains how to tell which is a real person and which is a bot, using an actual bot account as an example.

Meet 'Sara', 'Sharon' and 'Mel': why people spreading coronavirus anxiety on Twitter might actually be bots

It has already been reported that bots have spread misinformation about the new coronavirus on social media, which has confused many people.

There are many bots that disseminate erroneous information about the new coronavirus on SNS-gigazine

According to Ko, using a site that uses machine learning to identify Twitter bots `` Bot Sentinel '', using a hashtag to inspect Twitter accounts aiming to spread COVID-19 related information, 2020 March Within 24 hours as of March 26, 828 tweets with '#coronavirus', 544 tweets with '# COVID19', and 255 tweets with '#Coronavirus' were found. These three hashtags were ranked first, third, and seventh among the top 10 most popular hashtags used by bot accounts.

Bots are managed programmatically, and their behavior is controlled by human users. Bot programs are often used not only for disseminating misinformation but also for marketing purposes, and the underground

dark web market deals with buying and selling bot programs and renting services that operate bot programs is.

It is not just individuals that take advantage of these bot programs. A report published by Oxford University's Internet Research Institute in 2019 (PDF file) said , `` There is evidence that 'organized social media manipulation campaigns' have been conducted in 28 countries in 2017 and 48 countries in 2018. Every country has at least one political party or agency that uses social media to shape public opinion. '

Ko cites two major ways bots can spread misinformation about COVID-19: creating content and exaggerating content.

'Creating content' means, for example, uploading photos of 'shopping baskets containing groceries' or 'empty shelves due to stocking in supermarkets', giving people anxiety.

And 'exaggeration of content' means using user's official statements and news sites, adding lie's comments and information, and stimulating users' fears and anger. That's why bots often talk about 'frustrating events in everyday life' and 'social injustices that their loved ones are facing' while retweeting.

An example is below. According to Queensland Health , `` If you have not traveled abroad or contacted people who have confirmed COVID-19 infection, you may be infected with another virus, such as a cold or flu. COVID-19 will not be tested because it is likely to have

A user named Sharon replied, 'What if I'm in close contact with people who have been confirmed to be infected with COVID-19, and if I don't know who or where the infected people are?'

A user from Sara said, 'My mother may have been infected with COVID-19. It was said that my mother did not need to be tested when she was suffering from the underlying illness. What a joke! Still, my mother doesn't fly or make contact with people in particularly prevalent countries. '

'We can't say 100% that Sharon or Sara is a bot account,' he said, but it's almost certainly a bot account because of the following features:

・ Few followers.
・ You just recently created an account on Twitter.
-The tweet itself is only a few times.
・ Tweet content is based on one theme only.
・ We follow only influential users such as news sites, government agencies, experts and organizations.

After investigating Sharon's activity on Twitter, Ko showed anger at news articles reporting on federal government measures against COVID-19 Fuel ( Blue ) It was clear that he was trying to do so. Also, Sharon has been found to be connected to a 'friend' called Mel. This Mel is also said to be a bot account, and it has been confirmed that Mel has been talked to by a human user who does not know that it is a bot account.

'The purpose of bots ranges from mischief to political manipulation. It's very difficult to identify who is behind the scenes in spreading maggots, and the full cooperation of social media companies is You can't achieve it without it. ' 'The most unnecessary for us are the malicious people who are trying to exacerbate the crisis that is already of concern.'

In addition, Sarah rebutted that 'I am not a bot' against Mr. Ko's judgment of Sara as a bot.

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