YouTube announces banning anti-vaccine related content and removing relevant videos

On September 29, 2021, YouTube announced the 'Policies on False Information on Vaccines ' in an attempt to stop the spread of false information on vaccines, approved by health authorities and the World Health Organization (WHO). He said he would ban the posting of content that claims that the vaccine is dangerous or ineffective.

Policy on False Information About Vaccines-YouTube Help

Vaccine Misinformation Policy: YouTube Community Guidelines --YouTube

YouTube is banning Joseph Mercola and a handful of other anti-vaccine activists --The Washington Post

YouTube has banned posting of content that contains incorrect information about 'vaccine safety,' 'vaccine effectiveness,' and 'vaccine ingredients,' and content that is considered to be in violation will be deleted. And, if it is deleted once, you will only receive an email notification, but it is clear that we will adopt a three-out system that will stop the channel if you receive three violation warnings within 90 days.

'The spread of false information about vaccines is a global problem, triggered by the spread of fake news on the new coronavirus vaccine,' said Matt Halpurin, head of Trust and Safety at YouTube. At least hundreds of YouTube moderators are dedicated to medical misreporting. Vaccine misinformation is seen worldwide and in all countries and cultures. You can check it at. '

Also, YouTube is not limited to the new coronavirus vaccine. For example, the claim that the MMR vaccine causes autism was denied in a more than 10-year study of 650,000 Danish children in 2019, but the study was published. Even now, more than two years after that, there are still a large number of videos posted on YouTube that appeal to the dangers of the new triple vaccine. According to YouTube, all of these videos also violate the policy.

'The fact that the MMR vaccine does not cause autism is scientifically clear,' said Halprin, who said that any content containing the following claims would be subject to crackdown.

・ Vaccines cause chronic side effects such as diabetes and cancer
Vaccines do not reduce the risk of getting sick
・ Vaccines contain ingredients not listed in the ingredient list, such as embryonic tissue and animal-derived ingredients.
-Vaccines contain ingredients or devices that track or identify the inoculator
・ Vaccines change the genetic structure of humans
・ The new triple vaccine causes autism
・ Influenza vaccine causes chronic side effects such as infertility
Vaccines are a type of population reduction conspiracy
Cervical cancer vaccine causes chronic side effects such as paralysis

In addition, YouTube's Head of Healthcare and Public Health Partnership, Garth Graham, said, 'YouTube is expanding its efforts to post many official videos from the National Academy of Medicine and leading healthcare institutions. , It's about getting users to watch a video that contains scientific information before they start working on anti-vacuum content. '

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