Google and Facebook use automatic blocking to stop militant videos

ByDaniel Lobo

A lot of videos are uploaded and published every day on the Internet, and there are videos by extremists such as terrorist organization "Islamic country (IS)" in the movie. To prevent spreading of videos released by such radicalists, it is clear from stakeholders that Google and Facebook have secretly started using a system that automatically blocks dangerous videos.

Exclusive: Google, Facebook quietly move toward automatic blocking of extremist videos | Reuters

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Some videos uploaded on the Internet reflect violent claims by extremists, and at video sites they are working to eradicate such videos. Government of the country where the extremists like Syria, Belgium, the United States and other countries are increasing rapidly, is putting pressure on video sites to "remove extreme videos." Meanwhile, it is clear from the sources of information that YouTube and Facebook secretly introduced a system for blocking militant videos such as Islamic countries and quickly stopping publication.

The technique of blocking extreme motion pictures was originally developed to check whether copyright protected content was uploaded illegally. By recognizing the "hash" attached to identify the movie, it is possible to quickly discover a specific movie and stop publishing it. By adopting this technology, it is said that you can automatically prevent re-uploading of inappropriate videos. Meanwhile, there is no way to automatically block a movie that will be published for the first time on the Internet.

YouTube and Facebook have not announced that they are using these technologies and it is not clear how much staff members are working to block extremist fans. However, more than one person who is familiar with video block technology tells us, "The video posted on the site is checked against the database, and it is confirmed whether it is a video showing beheading or violent acts." .

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