YouTube Stops Monetizing Content That Denies Climate Change

Climate change is

an urgent issue, such as being called 'international cooperation at the level of new coronavirus infection is necessary for countermeasures ', but denying the existence of climate change by accusing it of 'hoax' and 'fraud'. There are individuals and groups. On October 7, 2021, YouTube announced a policy to stop monetization of such 'content that denies climate change' and decided to strictly deal with content that makes false claims as facts. ..

Updating our ads and monetization policies on climate change --Google Ads Help

Google and YouTube will cut off ad money for climate change deniers --The Verge

Google, the operator of YouTube, has announced a new monetization policy for YouTube creators to stop serving ads and monetizing 'content that contradicts established scientific facts about the existence and causes of climate change.' .. Such content includes 'content that calls climate change a hoax or fraud,' 'claims that long-term climate change is causing global warming,' 'greenhouse gas emissions and human activity are the climate. Includes 'claims denying that it affects fluctuations.'

In establishing these new policies, the Google Ads team 'looks carefully at the content in which the allegations are made and distinguishes between content that states false allegations as facts and content that reports or discusses those allegations.' 'We will continue to allow public debate on climate policy, research on the impact of climate change, and other topics to monetize.'

Research on these contents will be undertaken by both automated tools and human research, and authoritative sources such as the

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) will be used as the basis for judgment.

The Google Ads team said, 'In recent years, we have been contacted directly by advertising partners and publishers who have expressed concern about the posting or promotion of inaccurate climate change claims. Advertisers like this. We don't want to show ads in our content. ”“ This policy change not only helps to strengthen the integrity of our advertising ecosystem, but it's also in line with our corporate commitment to climate change over the last two decades. It's also something to do. '

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