Twitter announces that it will label and warn misleading new coronavirus related tweets

Regarding the new-type coronavirus infection (COVID-19), rumors that '5V

is the cause of the COVID-19 epidemic' are flowing mainly on SNS, in addition to the damage that the radio tower is actually arson , It is also thought to affect vaccination. Against this background, Twitter has announced that it will newly label “misinformation” and “misleading information”. The label will be applied retroactively to past tweets as well as newly posted tweets.

Updating our Approach to Misleading Information

Twitter launches labels, warnings on misleading COVID-19 information-Reuters

The new Twitter label says to link posts that 'aren't as harmful as deleting a post, but can be misleading to people' to 'more information.' Depending on the tendency of the tweets to be harmful and the type of information that is misleading, they may add additional warnings, such as 'This tweet conflicts with the guidance of public health experts.' Twitter announced on May 11, 2020, but the labeling will be applied to those before 11th.

This is a labeled tweet with a link to 'more information'.

And this is a tweet that displays a warning before displaying content.

Twitter divides 'misinformation' and 'misleading information' into three main categories.

◆ Misleading information
Claims and texts that have been identified as 'wrong' or 'misleading' by experts who 'handle the subject of tweets' such as public health authorities.
◆ Information that is being challenged
Claims and sentences that are in the process of being discussed or are not yet clear about the correctness / truth / credibility of the claim.
◆ Unconfirmed claims
Information that has not been confirmed to be true or false when it is shared

The information in the above three categories is divided into 'Moderate' and 'Severe', and 'labeling', 'warning', and 'deletion' will be taken.

The labeling destination will be an information summary page by Twitter or a reliable external site. Facebook and Google are also taking steps to prevent the spread of false and false information regarding COVID-19, and are deleting posts and advertisements. While Facebook works with third-party fact checkers to curb fake news delivery, this announcement from Twitter is a 'don't wait for a third-party decision' approach.

Amazon and Facebook will delete products and advertisements that claim `` prevention and complete cure of new coronavirus infection ''-GIGAZINE

“We will continue to introduce new labels for different types of unconfirmed claims and rumors, as needed,” said Twitter.

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