Why is the spread of conspiracy theories with the outbreak of the new coronavirus dangerous?

With the spread of the new coronavirus infectious disease (COVID-19) , a variety of information, including unknown sources, is flying around on the Internet. In some cases, the conspiracy theory that `` the new coronavirus was artificially created '' has been spread, and a psychology expert said, `` The epidemic of the new coronavirus risks the spread of the conspiracy theory There is '.

Coronavirus is a breeding ground for conspiracy theories – here's why that's a serious problem

Regarding the new coronavirus that causes confusion around the world, `` It is spread by someone with huge power '' `` The new coronavirus is a biological weapon created by the

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to fight the war with China in it, '' Bill Gates , such as 'Mr. are involved in the outbreak of the new coronavirus conspiracy theory has been modest . Some believe that the US and British governments purposely brought in a new coronavirus to make money from vaccines.

Many of these conspiracy theories are often considered to be stupid, with nobody to believe in, but in fact before the new coronavirus spread, conspiracies such as `` there is a huge power to move the world '' The number of people who believe in the theory was increasing. In a 2019 study (PDF file) , 16% of Spanish respondents believed that human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) was created and spread by a secret organization, conspiracy theories. 27% of French and 12% of British believed that 'the facts about the adverse effects of the vaccine were intentionally hidden.'

Daniel Jolley , a senior psychology lecturer at the University of Northern Briar , and Pia Lamberty , a psychology researcher at the University of Mainz, said in a statement about the spread of conspiracy theories associated with the outbreak of the new coronavirus infection. The spread of the theory can be as dangerous to society as the outbreak of the new coronavirus infection. '

A 2017

study showed that 'the timing of the spread of conspiracy theories is often related to social crises.' People who face events such as terrorist attacks, rapid political change, and economic crises seem to be talking about `` the truth of the world '' because the desire to understand the present situation where the future is uncertain becomes stronger It seems that the theory is easy to spread.

For this reason, the situation where social anxiety is increasing due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection can be said to be the best time for conspiracy theory to spread. A similar situation occurred during the worldwide outbreak of Zika fever between 2015 and 2016, and the conspiracy theories that 'Zika virus is not a naturally occurring substance but a biological weapon' were widespread.


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As public health dangers increase, it is important that people listen to the calls of health professionals and public institutions, and that society responds unanimously to health crises. However, Jolley and colleagues point out that those who believe in conspiracy theories generally do not trust 'powerful groups' such as physicians, politicians, pharmaceutical companies and public institutions, which makes them less likely to follow medical advice.

Studies have shown that medical conspiracy theories increase distrust of medical authorities, and people who believe in conspiracy theories tend to run more on 'self-defense based on conspiracy theories' than official advice. Those who believe in medical conspiracy theories tend to take herbal supplements purchased through mail order instead of vaccinating or using antibiotics. It also seems easy to follow non-medical advice recommended by groups who believe in the same conspiracy theories.

Frequent hand washing and self-isolation after returning from dangerous countries and regions are recommended as preventive measures for new type coronavirus infection, but those who believe in conspiracy theory are unlikely to follow such advice Become. Rather, on the contrary, taking a negative attitude to these precautions and practicing the wrong treatment could increase the risk of virus spread and put people at risk.

Also, conspiracy theories on medical care may pose a risk of dividing the social community, and Jolley and his colleagues said that once the plague spread in Europe, the theory that `` Jews caused the plague '' was widespread He pointed out that a large number of Jews were subject to persecution and slaughter as scapegoats. Jolley and colleagues believe that the spread of the new coronavirus infection is already at risk of discrimination against Asians and Asian descents, which is dangerous.

In order to prevent the spread of conspiracy theories, campaigns that deny conspiracy theories may prevent the spread of conspiracy theories, and by playing games dealing with fake news, it will be tricked into fake news. Is known to be difficult to do.

'Conspiracy theories are harmful to society. Not only do they have an impact on people's health choices, but they also hinder the interaction of different groups, It increases hostility and violence. 'The government argued that action should be taken not only to stop the spread of the new coronavirus infection but also to stop the spread of conspiracy theories.

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