Why do people buy toilet paper like a pile?


Mike Mozart

The threat of the new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) , which is now spreading not only in Asian countries but also in the Middle East, Europe, the Americas, and Oceania, has caused people around the world to take over in preparation for emergencies. going. Meanwhile, the most popular issue is the “total purchase of toilet paper”, and four experts answered the question “Why do people buy and stock up on toilet paper like a mountain?” It is summarized in the international media The Conversation.

Why are people stockpiling toilet paper? We asked four experts

In supermarkets around the world, grocery goods such as rice and oatmeal, hand sanitizers, toilet paper and other daily necessities and hygiene products are becoming popular, and some people are exploding toilet paper. Scenes of toilet paper disappearing from supermarket shelves have been shot, and there is concern that if the shortage continues, an online black market may be formed.

Purchase of toilet paper and disinfectant by new type coronavirus panic also occurs overseas, there is a possibility that a black market is formed-GIGAZINE

With so many daily necessities needed in an emergency, four experts discuss the question, 'Why do people buy and store more toilet paper?'

◆ 1: Niki Edwards, lecturer at the Faculty of Public Health and Social Welfare at the University of Technology Queensland
'Toilet paper is a symbol of control,' Edwards said, indicating that toilet paper is being used to clean areas that are somewhat taboo. People who hear about the new coronavirus are afraid of losing `` the ability to control themselves '' in emergencies, so it may be possible to specialize toilet paper as a way to manage hygiene and cleanliness That there is.

Edwards believes that the media can play an important role in reducing panic. 'Honesty against threats is important to the media, but creating hysteria and promoting inappropriate behavior is far from ideal,' Edwards said.

◆ 2:

Brian Cook 's opinion on the University of Melbourne Disaster Risk Reduction Project
Cook considers the psychology of people buying toilet paper to be a type of response to stress. 'People want comfort and security. For many Westerners, cleaning without toilet paper is an' inconvenient factor, 'Cook asserts. Since toilet paper can be used as a tissue, it seems that demand will increase when a disease like flu spreads.

Also, because toilet paper takes up a lot of space, there are few people who regularly store a large amount of toilet paper, which is a real reason that it is easy to buy up in case of emergency. In addition, toilet paper is relatively inexpensive and relatively easy to buy. Cook believes that buying and stockpiling toilet paper makes it easy to get a sense of security that 'we're dealing with danger.'


Mike Mozart

◆ 3: Opinion from David Savage , a behavioral economist at the University of Newcastle
Savage commented on the toilet paper, 'I think this is the perfect product to stockpile. The toilet paper is resistant to perishability, is easy to store, and is ultimately guaranteed to be used.' Many people only buy toilet paper when it is about to run out, but seeing the toilet paper running out around him, Savage says he may be buying toilet paper just in case. He said.

by Mike Mozart

◆ 4: Alex Russell, Lecturer of Health, Medicine and Applied Sciences at Central Queensland University
'People not only stock up on toilet paper, they sell out all kinds of products, such as face masks and hand sanitizers. A lot of canned food and other perishables are also sold,' Russell said. Pointed out that they are buying not only toilet paper but also what they need.

Nevertheless, Russell believes that the only reason why toilet paper is sold out is so large is that toilet paper is a big product that occupies a large area of the shelf, and that when sold out, it is more noticeable than other products. For example, even if a product such as a hand sanitizer is sold out, only a part of the shelf will be empty, but if the toilet paper is sold out, the space will be empty and it will be very noticeable.

Another reason is that there is no simple replacement for toilet paper. Even if ingredients such as rice and pasta for dinner are sold out, they can be replaced by switching to bread, but it is difficult to replace toilet paper with something else. Russell argued that when toilet paper was scarce, people tended to be frustrated and a big problem.

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