Vaccine misinformation on Facebook is spread by a small number of users


While vaccination with the new coronavirus is being promoted in each country, users who raise anxiety about the vaccine or spread incorrect information on SNS etc. are regarded as a problem. Facebook, which is taking countermeasures against these users, reported the findings that 'misinformation about vaccines is spread by a small number of users.'

Facebook is studying vaccine hesitancy, new documents show --The Washington Post

Facebook's Vaccine Disinformation Study Shows the Problem with Facebook | Washington Monthly

Facebook research reportedly finds small number of users responsible for spreading vaccine doubt --The Verge

The move to evade vaccines , questioning the safety and efficacy of the vaccine, did not occur after the pandemic of the new coronavirus, but has been around for a long time. In the United States and the United Kingdom, the spread of vaccination has increased the number of parents who do not allow their children to be vaccinated against measles , and in 2019, the measles that should have been eradicated will re-emerge.

'It's our fault that America falls from its position as a measles eradication country,' regrets infectious disease experts-GIGAZINE

Vaccine hesitage has become widespread in the 21st century due to the appeal of vaccine opponents and the spread of false information on SNS. Therefore, Facebook said that it would take proactive measures against the spread of false information about vaccines.

Under such circumstances, a pandemic of the new coronavirus occurred, and pharmaceutical companies and research institutes in each country embarked on vaccine development.It has been pointed out that opponents of vaccines have also activated activities on social media by taking advantage of this, Facebook also decided to refuse advertisements appealing for 'anti-vacuum', and with public health experts We have announced that we will work together to remove misinformation and conspiracy theories about the new coronavirus vaccine.

Facebook announces removal of misinformation and conspiracy theories about the new corona vaccine-GIGAZINE

According to a new survey released by Facebook, Facebook users were divided into 638 segments and analyzed, and 50% of the vaccine repellent content existing on Facebook was created by users belonging to only 10 segments. It turned out that. In other words, the reason why we see a lot of vaccine repellent content on Facebook is that a very small number of users are actively sending it.

Similar to this, we know that in 2019, 54% of ads posted on Facebook by anti-vaccines were advertised by only two groups.

54% of the ads that anti-vaccines displayed on Facebook were advertised by only two groups-GIGAZINE

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Washington Monthly, an American non-profit magazine, has influenced the results by reaching a large number of people with the voices of a small number of people, while at the same time encouraging Facebook to form a closed group of people with the same beliefs. It claims that the problem is highlighted.

Facebook has also addressed a number of issues to remove misinformation and shut down groups, but Washington Monthly points out that it's difficult to keep up with the ever-evolving conspiracy theories and misinformation. He accused Facebook of the underlying business model itself causing misinformation problems and that symptomatic treatment would not be the ultimate solution.

News site The Verge states that Facebook has a gray zone in its regulation of vaccine hesitarian content. Posts such as 'I'm feeling worse than I expected after vaccination' can help me understand the effects of the vaccine more accurately, but it can be a source of concern for those who are concerned about the vaccine. As a result, posts that do not fall under Facebook's regulations may spread rapidly among vaccine opponents.

Facebook spokeswoman Dani Lever told The Verge that Facebook is working with more than 60 public health experts to investigate content and other information related to the new coronavirus vaccine. comment. 'Public health experts have made it clear that responding to vaccine repellent is a top priority in responding to coronavirus disease (COVID-19), so Facebook already has 2 billion experts. We have launched a global campaign to eliminate false claims about COVID-19 and vaccines, linking them to reliable information from. '

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