Appearance of USB cable, contents are hacking tool abuse prohibition cable `` O.MG Cable '' Started sales of USB Type-C version etc. following Lightning

Following the Lightning, USB Type-C and Micro-USB have been added to the lineup of hacking tools ' O.MG Cable ', which is indistinguishable from ordinary USB cables, equipped with an ultra-small Wi-Fi module in the connector part. Was.

O.MG Cable-Hak5

'O.MG Cable' is a type of device that uses a USB vulnerability called ' BadUSB '. 'O.MG Cable' is characterized by 'can be remotely controlled through Wi-Fi' compared to other BadUSB, and reading the following articles will deepen your understanding of 'O.MG Cable'.

`` USB cable with back door '' with built-in Wi-Fi module in USB cable connector appeared-gigazine

'O.MG Cable' was pre-sold a version disguised as a normal Lightning cable, but in mid-February a version disguised as USB Type-C and Micro-USB was released.

'O.MG Cable' cannot be used for firmware application or setting with a single cable, so it is necessary to purchase a 'cable body' and a 'program kit' for setup. Also, after purchase, you can use it as a hacking tool by applying the firmware released on GitHub.

GitHub-O-MG / O.MG_Cable-Firmware

Videos that actually control the MacBook Pro remotely with 'O.MG Cable' are also available.

Use the program kit to apply firmware and set up Wi-Fi.

After completing the settings, insert the cable into your MacBook Pro.

Connect to the cable Wi-Fi from your smartphone.

When you access the IP address of the cable with a browser and perform an operation ...

Terminal starts on MacBook Pro.

I was able to display suspicious animations.

You can also play videos.

'O.MG Cable' is available for $ 119.99 (about ¥ 13,200) for Lightning, USB Type-C and Micro-USB, and the program kit is available for $ 19.99 (about ¥ 2200).

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