Opening ceremony of a super-heavy-weight RPG board game 'Groomhaven Complete Japanese Version' that weighs about 9kg and has an estimated play time of 100 hours or more

Rules such as

board games where the first play time exceeds 3 hours, board games where you can play on a three-layered three-dimensional board, etc. There are various games that can bother you with your head. Among them, a board game `` Groom Haven Complete Japanese Version '' with a non-standard weight and volume that recorded more than 100 scenarios with a total weight of about 9 kg and a maximum of about 2 hours per play December 19, 2019 (Thursday) Appeared in. First of all, I opened the huge box and checked the contents.

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The package for 'Groom Haven' looks like this.

The number of players is assumed to be 1 to 4 people, the time taken per game is 30 to 120 minutes, and the target age is set a little higher than 14 years old.

This size is about 15.8 x 7.7cm compared to iPhone 11 Pro Max.

The height is also larger than iPhone 11 Pro Max.

The weight is super heavyweight that can be held with both hands at last.

To check how heavy it is, I prepared a scale.

When I put Groom Haven on my scale, a box that was too large covered the scale.

The total weight is 8.95kg. It is almost the weight of three babies.

When I opened the box, the contents were completely contained.

At the top was a manual, a scenario booklet, a campaign board, and four sticker sheets. It is still the tip of the iceberg.

Instructions are about the same as A4 size.

There are 52 pages explaining the rules.

Also in the A4 size scenario booklet ...

The game scenario, that is, how to play the game, is written in more than 100 ways.

The campaign board is folded in four, and it looks like this when spread out.

Below the instructions, there are 18 pieces of cardboard with parts such as tokens and tiles drawn.

The cardboard is partly cut so that the parts can be easily removed, so you can easily remove it by just pushing it by hand.

After removing all parts. That's a tremendous number. 30 terrain tiles, 1 element injection board, 1 round marker, 236 monster pieces, 46 damage tokens, 32 summoning tokens, 50 old money tokens, 60 state tokens, 12 target tokens, scenario With 10 auxiliary tokens, 155 overwriting tiles, and a total of 718, it took almost an hour just to remove and sort.

Comparing the largest parts with a transportation IC card shows that they are quite large.

Be careful not to lose the smallest parts because they are small enough to fit on your fingertips.

There are still parts under the cardboard.

In the lower part of the box were three sets of sealed letters, symbol reference table, party record paper, city record book, four HP / XP dials, four frame stands, six elemental discs, 150 event cards , 24 personal quest cards, 40 random dungeon cards, 4 reference cards, 457 attack modification cards, 253 item cards, 9 random side scenario cards, 232 monster ability cards ...

47 monster data sheets and 6 monster sleeves.

Then there are 18 boxes with character pieces and 17 letter-like boxes with special items prepared for each character.

Players choose the character that will be the piece by selecting the same mark drawn on each box.

The character / coma box contains simple frames without coloring.

The other letter-style box contains a character board, character record paper, character ability cards, attack modifier cards, and character tokens. The number of cards and tokens depends on the character.

Groomhaven has a lot of content and many small tokens. However, Groomhaven does not come with a case to store more than 700 tokens removed from cardboard, and it is difficult to organize it, so a special case has appeared separately. For example, the following special case costs 33.5 euros (about 4000 yen)

FS-GLO Insert-Folded Space

It seems that it can be stored exactly like the image below.

However, even if you don't buy a special case, you can store enough in a case sold at a 100 yen shop. If you have a partition like the image below, it is recommended because you can organize a huge variety of tokens.

I'll be releasing a lot of Groom Haven games that will be released later.

The price of 'Groom Haven Complete Japanese Version' is 33,000 yen including tax, and it is handled at 33,000 yen including tax on various online shopping sites such as the board game information site Bod Gamer .

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