Rolling the dice and developing the island will change the rules steadily. Spoilers strictly prohibited 'Machi Koro Legacy Complete Japanese Version' Play Review

Complete Japan of 'Machi Koro Legacy ' which introduced a

legacy system in which the rules and card conditions change with each play to the popular board game 'Machi Koro ' born in Japan, which was nominated for the 2015 German Annual Game Awards. The Japanese version will be released by Arclight Games on Thursday, February 27, 2020. It is composed of all 10 scenarios, and it is possible to play even after playing all the scenarios, so I actually tried playing to the end.

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◆ Contents
Machi Koro Legacy Complete Japanese version package looks like this.

The size of the package is almost twice as wide and tall as the original Machi Koro.

The number of players is 2 to 4, and the play time is 30 minutes per game. The target age is assumed to be 10 years or older.

When I opened the box, I found the rule manual.

And four city boards. There are four colors, yellow, green, red, and blue, and one is used for each player.

The coins used to purchase the facility were made of cardboard in the original Machi Koro, but have been upgraded to plastic.

Two 6-sided dice (dice), 4 flags matching the player color, and a sticker sheet used in the game. What the sticker sheet is and how to use it is 'fun after playing the game', so it's a secret here.

And there are three decks of wrapped legacy cards.

The card says, 'Don't turn this legacy card over until it's instructed in the rulebook. When instructed, turn it over and read aloud aloud,' and you can't look inside before you start.

And I was most interested in these 6 Tamatebako. When you pick it up, it feels like something is in it. The side of the box says 'Never open until instructed', and you cannot see the contents before the game starts.

In addition, due to the specifications of Machi Koro Legacy, once you play it, you will understand the karakuri. The following is just a small part of it that can be spoiled, so we recommend that only those who 'want to know a little more' in Machi Koro Legacy read this.

◆ I played with 4 people
I tried playing Machi Koro Legacy with four editorial staff members who said, 'I have played the original Machi Koro.' The instruction manual had a golden rule that 'No matter what, you should never refer to or open it until you are instructed to do so.'

First of all, open the wrap of the first pile of legacy cards.

A story is written on the card, and the style is to proceed while reading each time. At first, as described in the instruction manual, prepare using 65 start cards from the deck.

First , divide the 40 supply facility cards into the same facility and arrange them in the order of the numbers at the top center of the card from the left.

Each player then receives a flag in the color corresponding to the city board and arranges three landmark cards in order. Landmark cards are arranged in alphabetical order at the bottom left of the card, with the side with the triangle sign facing up.

And a public works card is installed near the supply facility card.

We will distribute two initial facilities , 'Wheat Field' and 'Bakery', to each player. A flag with the words 'Initial Facility' is drawn on the back of the card, and four colors corresponding to the player colors are prepared. Up to two initial facilities can be placed as 'facilities in your city'.

Place the coins as a bank in a location that is easy for each player to pick up. During the game, you will often take coins out of this bank and pay them to the bank, so putting them out in a flat container will make your play smoother. Now you are ready.

The rules of Machi Koro Legacy are very simple. When it's your turn, the player rolls the dice first.

The number at the top center of the card in the city facility corresponds to the dice roll, and the same card effect as the dice roll will be activated and you can get coins. For example, in the following scene where you roll a dice and get a 2 roll, a bakery card that says, 'If you get a 2 or 3 on your turn, you will get 1 coin from the bank' will be activated. In the wheat field, you can get 1 coin if you get a 1 on 'anyone's turn'.

The coins you earn can be used not only to buy supply facilities, but also to build landmarks. Landmark cards placed on the city board can be constructed by paying the amount written below.

At first, only one dice can be rolled, but by constructing a landmark of the ironworks, it will be possible to roll two dice at the same time. Also, if cards from the same facility overlap, the effect will be doubled by the number of cards. For example, as shown in the image below, if there are two forests that say, 'If anyone's turn gets 4 or 5, you will get 1 coin', and the total number of rolls of 2 dice is 4, the player Get 1 x 2 = 2 coins.

Some cards will give you a lot of coins depending on the number of other cards. For example, a 'furniture factory' can get 3 coins by the number of cards with a gear icon if you roll an 8 on your turn.

Roll the dice to collect money and build a third landmark, the 'fountain.' The fountain has the effect of taking another turn when you get a 7 on your roll.

In addition, if someone rolls a 7 on the dice, you will get 3 coins. You need 6 coins to buy a gold mine, but the gold mine is exactly the gold mine where you can get money no matter who rolls a 7.

If you stack 3 Kanayama and roll 7 on your turn, you will get 3 x 3 = 9 coins, and you can roll the dice again due to the effect of the fountain. When a combo that can earn a large amount of coins is activated by combining the 'strategy' of the card effect and the 'luck' of the dice roll, you can get an indescribable pleasure.

Also, if you meet the conditions of a public works card and place your own flag to declare investment, you may need a large amount of coins. It is OK to invest in public works projects before the landmark. In that case, place a flag and declare investment. Since it is a public project, it is okay if multiple players invest.

The game ends when a town mayor who meets the conditions of 'construction of all three landmarks' and 'investment in public works' appears. When the game is over, record the date of the game, the name of the mayor, and the name of the city in the 'City Record' in the instruction manual. By doing this, you can see at a glance how many games you have advanced.

When the first game is over, read the cards and instructions to finish the game and move on to the next game. If you put the card you have at this point in a bag and store the board, you can continue playing in the same state at a later date.

In addition, there are some cards that do not appear directly in the game, such as cards that are discarded in the game, cards that show the rules, and initial facility cards that were not used. Therefore, you will not be confused if you decide where to put each card.

As the game progresses, you may be instructed to open the Tamatebako and take out the contents. The Tamatebako can be opened along the sewing machine line as shown in the image.

The contents of the Tamatebako are necessary items for the newly added rules. There may be items such as glittering jewels and mysterious creatures in the Tamatebako that says 'What ?! Will something like this appear in the game ?!' It can be noisy. Please play and see for yourself how these items will play an active role in the game.

When I actually played 10 games, it took about 7 hours in total. There are variations depending on the game, but it takes about 40 minutes for one game. The game itself progresses smoothly, but depending on the specifications of the game, it is important to 'continue playing to the end with the members who participated at the start'. If you don't have the opportunity to play with members who meet regularly, such as at regular meetings of analog games, you can enjoy Machi Koro Legacy with all your might by playing to the end at once rather than rounding up in the middle.

'The rules change rapidly as the game progresses' is a big surprise to play. While the basic rules themselves are simple and easy to play, new games that have never existed in Machi Koro will be developed, so people who know or do not know the original Machi Koro can play.

Also, after all 10 games are over, you can play with the rule that all elements are released after 11 times. However, if you mix new members, it will be spoiled, so please be aware that games after 11 times can only be played by people who have clear experience.

As more games are added, the number of cards will increase, so the supply placed in the center of the field will also increase. Therefore, a certain amount of space is required to play to the end.

The full Japanese version of Machi Koro Legacy can be purchased at, and the price is 5771 yen including tax at the time of writing the article.

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