Too special otome game `` Dotokoi '' in which illustrations evolve transcendently with love and sensitivity in love with dots

' Dotkoi ' is a special

otome game in which a simple romance adventure game with a scenario fork, but the partner you love is too low in resolution and looks like a mere dot. In the App Store, it is introduced as `` resolution love story '', and if you increase the sensitivity, the resolution of the opponent will also increase, so I actually played and tried to figure out what the dot character looks like originally .

'Dotkoi' on the App Store

Dotokoi-Apps on Google Play

'Dotkoi' is released as iOS and Android application, but this time I will play on iOS version. When you access the above URL and open the special page of 'Dotkoi', tap 'Get'.

When installation is completed, tap 'Open'.

Then the game starts. At the time of the first play, tap 'START'.

When you play for the first time, start by entering the name of the hero. After entering your last name and name, tap 'OK'.

Tap 'OK' if the name you entered is OK.

The story starts when the protagonist of a second year high school moves to Tokyo.

The protagonist running on the school road to school while being excited about the new life that is about to begin ...

I hit a strange boy at once. I guess it suddenly started with a solid encounter ...

The opponent was a bright red square.

If you don't know the settings, you may think that a ridiculous bug has occurred, but knowing the settings will stop thinking about what's going on. Suddenly speaking, I was confused by the square that started talking ...

The hero speaks for the feeling of the player.

The scene changes and the hero arrives at school.

Then, a brown square appears.

A pattern that is very popular with girls.

The bright red square mentioned earlier seems to have been named Nikaido. The squares are talking, but no content comes in.

Continue to the blue square.

Yellow square

Green squares and colorful squares appear one after another.

The hero who looks more confused than the player. I will lose my confidence to do it in Xintiandi immediately.

A girl with an ordinary illustration appears where she is likely to resign. Originally, the colorful squares are like boys with beautiful illustrations as below, but they are represented by squares for some reason.

After a day, the mysterious raccoon appears in the hero's dream.

The raccoon grants the wish that the hero suddenly thought in his head, 'If love is as simple as a game ...'

It seems that he has been given a 'magic that the resolution of the handsome guy gets low'. It sounds like a curse, but ...

It is said that the appearance of the handsome guy gradually becomes clearer as the good taste of the guy increases.

So, if you sort out the situation, it looks like this. The protagonist can capture five handsome guys, and the characteristics of each are as follows. Since the appearances are all the same square, you can only choose which character to capture from 'favorite colors' or 'features'.

From then on, the story will basically progress, with choices appearing on the way, just choosing them. You can tell which character will appear from the colors of the choices, so decide the character you want to capture, and then go thorough assault.

In doing so, the red square suddenly evolves into a dot picture.

You can realize that the higher the sensitivity, the higher the resolution.

Because the favorability of each character is different, one is a dot picture and the other is still a dot.

Dondon's liking has risen, and you can see Nikaido's appearance.

As the resolution goes up, Nikaido's expression can be seen.

By experiencing a number of events with Nikaido ...

While accumulating memories, the appearance of Nikaido gradually evolves into a good-looking guy.

If you increase your favorability ...

At last the handsome man appears. If you're worried about how a handsome guy looks, please play and check it out. The time required to capture one character is around 40 minutes.

In 'Dotkoi', it is the beginning of a too special love of 'love with the dot', but the story itself is a short but royal road, so you can firmly love twink.

In addition, when you clear, the option of “EXTRA” appears on the game start screen as follows, and you can browse illustrations of the handsome guy who captured.

`` Dotokoi '' is a mysterious game that it is difficult to select the capture target by looking at it, even though it is a maiden game that loves twink because dots and dot pictures are the target of love . Because of the catchy feeling of 'love with dots', even people who are not used to romance simulation can easily play. Because it can be installed for free, it may be just right for those who say 'What kind of game is a love simulation in the first place?'

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