U.S. government demands `` open source 5G compatible technology '' from communication equipment manufacturers



Huawei, which can build a comprehensive 5G communication network covering everything from terminal development to construction of radio towers, is controlling one-third of the market for the new generation of 5G high-speed communication systems. However, security concerns have reinforced Huawei in the United States. In this context, it has become clear that the US Department of Defense is urging telecommunications equipment manufacturers to 'open source 5G technology development' with the aim of building a 5G communication network that competes with Huawei.

Pentagon wants open-source 5G plan in campaign against Huawei | Financial Times

Pentagon Reportedly Tells Suppliers To Prep Open-Source 5G Solutions

Lisa Porter, who oversees defense R & D at the U.S. Department of Defense, develops open-source 5G solutions for companies such as Cisco Systems and Oracle , according to a report from the Daily Economics Financial Times. He asked you to do it. If an open source 5G compatible solution can be created, any manufacturer will be able to create 5G compatible products, and carriers will be able to use products from various commercial vendors, not only from a small number of large companies. You.

According to The Economist, Huawei was reported to have invested $ 2 billion (about 220 billion yen) in 5 years for 5G related technology development, and huge investment in open source solution development to follow this Deemed necessary.

Indeed, if an open source 5G solution is developed in this way, there is a possibility that the market will be activated by the release of 5G compatible products from various vendors, but from the perspective of Cisco and Oracle, There is also the possibility that you have to open your property to other companies. The U.S. government is considering allowing tax credits to support development, but the Financial Times has indicated that the two companies will not respond to the Pentagon's request.


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Since US companies are not developing 5G compatible radio towers, the US government is also considering supporting Huawei's rivals. Porter says he sees Huawei's European rivals Nokia and Ericsson as 'potential contributors' to the 5G network. The co-development of open source solutions can also increase the competitiveness of US and Western allies and partners.

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Huawei, meanwhile, is taking steps to move its smartphones away from U.S.-made parts in the wake of the increased U.S. ban, reducing its reliance on U.S. suppliers.

Huawei smartphones are steadily breaking away from U.S.-made parts-gigazine

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