Huawei escapes crisis due to restrictions from the United States with the revival of 5G compatible smartphones

Huawei offers almost exclusively smartphones with 4G connectivity at the time of writing, but Reuters reported from sources in Chinese research firms and supply chain officials that Huawei will use a chipset produced in China to It is reported that the company plans to launch a 5G compatible smartphone in the second half of the year.

China's Huawei poised to overcome US ban with return of 5G phones, research firms say | Reuters

Huawei will regain 5G phones this year - Huawei Central

According to Reuters, Huawei's consumer business revenue peaked at 483 billion yuan (about 9.3 trillion yen) in 2020, but plunged nearly 50% a year later. Moreover, as a result of being classified as a 'security risk' by the United States and the EU, and having received a series of regulations from the United States in 2019, Huawei has no access to the chip manufacturing tools that are essential for manufacturing 5G-enabled models. was cut off, and many 5G-compatible models could not be sold.

However, Reuters reports that Huawei's momentum is gradually reviving. In 2019, Huawei's smartphone shipments were 240 million units, but Huawei's smartphone shipments will increase slightly in the first quarter of 2023, according to three research firms in charge of the Chinese smartphone sector. In response, Huawei reports that it has significantly raised its forecast for smartphone shipments in 2023 from 30 million units to 40 million units.

Furthermore, according to the testimony of the investigative company and related parties, Huawei is using chips manufactured by SMIC , a semiconductor foundry headquartered in Shanghai, China, and a semiconductor design tool developed in-house, to support 5G for smartphones in China alone. The company plans to procure chips and launch 5G-compatible smartphones equipped with them into the market.

A research company expects Huawei to adopt the 'N + 1' manufacturing process, which is equivalent to SMIC's 7nm node, but with this process, the yield rate is expected to fall below 50%, so 5G compatible chips will not be shipped. is likely to be limited to 2 million to 4 million. In addition, Huawei provides semiconductor design tools for chips exceeding 14 nm technology, and it is believed that this Huawei semiconductor design tool will be used when SMIC develops N + 1 process chips.

Huawei-related news site Huawei Central said, ``Since January 2023, there are rumors that Huawei will release a 5G compatible mobile phone, but I think this report is very big information to get us excited. If Huawei chooses to bring 5G back to its smartphone ecosystem, it will be the Huawei Mate 60 series, which will be released in September or October 2023.' I'm here.

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