A 3D printer that can output a very small David image with a total height of only 1 mm with metal has appeared

Michelangelo was a Renaissance artist who worked as a sculptor, painter, architect, and poet, and had a great influence on various fields of Western art history. One of the most famous works of art created by Michelangelo is the statue of David . Although this David image is 5.17 meters tall, it has successfully output a very small David image with a height of only 1 mm using the latest 3D printing technology.

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Exaddon AG 's ultra-precise 3D printer system ' CERES ' produced a very small David image with a total height of only 1mm. CERES is a stand-alone 3D printer that can output metal in nanometer (nm) units, and realizes complex molding by combining a liquid dispensing system, electrochemical deposition method, and optical force feedback.

Exaddon AG has been developing CERES, especially the printing process, for the past two years, and as a result, it has been able to output at the nanometer scale, and has successfully output a David image with a total height of only 1 mm. The team who created the 1mm David statue was Dr. Giorgio Ercolano, who works as an engineer in the R & D department of Exaddon AG.

`` Our deep understanding of the printing process led to a new way of processing 3D computer models of sculptures and converting it to machine code, '' said Dr. Ercolano, `` 1mm David statue thinly slices open source

CAD files. And the data was sent directly to a printer and output. With the 'layered micro-manufacturing system' of CERES, which outputs the sliced data in a superimposed manner, a completely different output has been possible. ' Is explained.

This is a 1mm size David image that was output by CERES. It is unknown whether the entire details can be accurately reproduced, but it is clear that not only the shape of the human body but also the unevenness of the muscles and the movement of the hair are well reproduced.

Compare the detailed figures of the original David statue and the 1mm David statue as follows. From the top, total height, weight, material, sculpture (output) period, sculpture characteristics, 1 mm David image is 1 mm in height, weight is 12 micrograms, material is copper, time required for output is 12 hours. The original David statue is full of marble, while the 1mm David statue is hollow.

CERES seems to have output a very rigid David image with only 1 mm by outputting ionized liquid copper at a rate of 1 femtoliter per second. The David statue is very small, only 1 mm, but takes 12 hours to output. However, it has been suggested that a slightly simpler structure would allow for faster molding.

The research and development team, Dr. Ercolano and others who output a 1-mm David image, has also published a paper on the technology of 'additive manufacturing of metal at the nanometer level' used for output.

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