A painless root canal treatment for caries is developed



Treatment of cavities should be avoided if possible even as an adult, but if the cavities have progressed to the roots and nerves of the teeth, a very painful ' root canal treatment ' is required. Meanwhile, Naseem Shah and Ajay Logani, dentists at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in New Delhi, India, have offered a cheaper, pain-free treatment for dental caries than traditional root canal treatment. Developed.

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The painless root canal treatment developed by AIIMS professors is called ' SealBio ', a technology that uses the patient's own stem cells , and is currently applying for a patent from the US Patent and Trademark Office , and has already been patented in Australia. Is getting.

Root canal treatment requires various factors such as rigorous practice, dental skills, clinical experience with a dentist, and skills and knowledge about root canal filling cement, but if this technology is put into practical use, it will be necessary. It is said that there is no need to perform conventional root canal treatment. SealBio, which is a treatment method different from root canal treatment, fills the root canal with the patient's own stem cells, which acts as a tissue barrier and enables the regeneration of the affected area that has become cavities.


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By filling the root canal affected by caries with stem cells, the tissue is gradually repaired over a period of weeks to months. According to AIIMS dentists, SealBio's technology does not require the equipment used in traditional treatments, which not only makes patients less painful, but also reduces treatment costs and time.

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Shah has already successfully conducted clinical experiments on multiple patients, and Seyed Hasnain, a professor at the Kusuma Biology School , said, 'This regeneration technique affects the clinical situation not only in root canal treatment but in dentistry as a whole. It's an innovative technology that may have an impact. '

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