A new "organ" that is the largest in the human body was discovered and researchers said that they are related to metastasis of cancer

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Pathologists at the New York University Medical School in Scientific Reports dated March 27, 2018, had been thought to be "a dense connective tissue under the skin in the body" until now, "Organ" which has the role of "transporting" and "absorbing shock". This discovery not only shows a new understanding to the human body but also explains "Why is it easy to spread cancer in a specific area?"

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"Interstitium"Although the presence has been confirmed, it has not been recognized as an organ until now. Stroma exists in various parts of the body such as under the skin, gastrointestinal tract, lung, artery, vein and muscle. Human body has a lot of liquid, but half of it is in the cell, and it is far from the heart, blood vessels, lymph nodes, lymphatic vessels, along with interstitial fluid also containing liquid It was revealed in my research.

Interstitials made of two types of connective tissue proteins, collagen and elastin, have been observed in a chemically treated and fixed state, but the research team used a technique called confocal laser end microscope We investigated the "living" healthy tissue of the human bile duct by immersing it in the fluorescent solution with a high-performance microscope. Then, it is said that it was observed that the part which looked like a solid so far was filled with liquid. Liquid flows in the interstitium and carries liquid to the lymphatic system. In addition, if the interstitium functions as a "highway" of liquid, the research team sees that it is possible to deepen the understanding of how the cancer spreads and to use it for the discovery and treatment of diseases.

The definition of an organ is "a part that organizes and gathers certain physiological functions". As researchers have the role of interstitials acting as a "highway" carrying liquids and the role of "shock absorption" in the areas where an organization moves or receives force, such a function We insist that the interstitium is an "organ" as it is not seen elsewhere. It has been thought to be the "human's largest organ" so far, it is skin and occupies 16% of the body weight, but if the interstitium is recognized as an organ, it will become the largest organ in the human body beyond the skin It is that.

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However, whether this phenomenon can be seen in other parts of the body, etc. need further research. It is also necessary to examine whether stroma can be regarded as "organ".

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