Development of a device that enables hair transplantation without leaving any scar is underway

ByRene Passet

From hair restorers and supplements to implantation, there are a variety of treatments to overcome thinning hair. Hair transplant, which is one of thinning methods, had many problems such as "scars remain on the scalp" and "there is a possibility that the hair will not grow even after successful transplantation". Wesley physician working as a hair transplant surgeon in Manhattan, New York has developed a device that can solve the problem of hair transplantation and gathers attention from the hair transplantation industry.

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Medical instruments named Pyroscope are being developed by Wesley physician. Pyroscope can remove hair follicles from the scalp without leaving any scratches for the first time in the world.

The history of hair follicle transplantation began around 1970. At that time, hair follicle transplantation was done by cutting out a large number of hair follicles from the back of the patient with the skin and transplanting it to the thin hair part, but the hair growing in the thin hair part is not natural, There was a problem that it was ridiculous as it was.

In the 1990's, a technique to individually take out and transplant the hair follicles was established and the hair of the patient became more natural than before, but when taking out the hair follicle, an incision is made so as to connect the two ears of the patient Another problem emerges that a large scar will remain on the patient's scalp. A similar technique is adopted in modern hair transplantation,Follicular Unit ExtractionWith the introduction of a new method called FUE, no significant scar on the patient's scalp is left.

However, in FUE which opens a small hole like a perforator in the patient's scalp and takes out the hair follicle, small scars will remain on the scalp. Besides, the scars left by FUE are discolored white with the passage of time, and there is a disadvantage that it grows gradually. In addition, hair follicles taken out with FUE may peel off the protective tissue, causing problems that hair does not grow even after transplantation. In other words, the hair follicle transplantation so far could not fully restore the hair without leaving a scar.

Even after the appearance of FUE, hair transplant doctors discussed discussions such as a method of transplanting beard · pubic hair to the scalp, a method of using cells having regenerative function collected from swine bladder, but it was not realized It was. Without establishing a safe and complete way to regain hair, Wesley's doctor considers "Is there any way to remove only hair follicles without leaving any scratches on the scalp?"

Doctor Wesley used it to examine the wombHysteroscopeWe started research and developed a prototype of a device that can be inserted into the tissue between the hair follicle and the nerve and blood vessels. When we experimented with the original patient or the scalp of our own brother using prototype, we successfully obtained the experimental result that the possibility of growing is more than 45% higher than the hair follicle transplanted with FUE.

It was held in 2013International Society of Hair Restoration SurgeryDoctors Wesley officially announced Pyroscope at the meeting of the ISHRS held doctors working on hair transplantation from the doctors working on hair transplantation "If you use Pyroscope of Doctor Wesley, remove the hair follicles without leaving scars I will be able to transplant. " Meanwhile, it is true that there was a doctor pointing out that "the number of hair follicles that can be taken out at one time with a pyroscope is very small, which means that it will be necessary to perform the operation many times."

However, after the presentation, Dr. Wesley gave me an email saying "I would like to volunteer to clinical examinations conducted in July 2014" from over 1,000 haughtered people, based on Wesley's physician, so the pyroscope is big I understand what is expected. According to Wesley physician, the goal is to put the pyroscope into practical use by 2016. If it is put to practical use and allowed to be used even in Japan, there is a possibility that it will be a great hope for those who are troubled by thinning hair.

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