Results of the study that 'You can cure the skin in a beautiful state' even if you injured seriously using cell reprogramming

Cell reprogramming using the technology, research results that skin was a serious injury and burns can be cured in a beautiful state as well as damaged large, Salk Institute Juan Carlos Isupisua Belmonte is a biologist It was reported by Mr. et al. 'S research team.

In vivo reprogramming of wound-resident cells generated skin epithelial tissue | Nature

Severe skin wounds regenerated, in mice, in Salk Institute-led study - The San Diego Union-Tribune

If you get severe injuries such as great loss of skin tissue, you become an ulcer or do big burns, cells to restore the skin to its original condition will be lost. In general treatment, it prevents the virus from entering the wound by suture, but if there is such a large damage, when the treatment is done the wound becomes a scar, and it does not return easily to a beautiful state without discomfort. In addition, Ispisa Belmonte said "The treatment such as skin transplantation is not perfect," and it is said that it is very difficult to return to a beautiful state with the treatment method as of 2018.

The fact that the organs transplanted by surgery fulfill its original function is called engraftment , but the research team thinks that "If the skin is engrafted in the body, it should return to a beautiful state" I decided to use reprogramming technology. Cell reprogramming technology is a technology demonstrated in 2007 that allows cells to return to the embryogenic state by using genes that make proteins and RNA called reprogramming factors.

However, in order to reprogram, it is necessary to identify what is an induced pluripotent stem cell that is the source of the cell that produces the skin beforehand. Therefore, Mr. Ispisua Belmonte and Mr. Masakazu Kurita of the researcher investigated and found "base keratinocyte" which is a stem cell to be generated by reprogramming technology.

The research team tested various combinations from 86 reprogramming factors, and succeeded in finding out four genes that produce basal keratinocytes. Four genes were directly applied to the ulcer of the mouse and the state of the mouse was examined at the 3rd month and the 6th month and it was confirmed that the applied portion was functioning in the same way as the skin, It was revealed that the skin was made in a beautiful state.

One of the genes discovered in this study is known to have the potential to cause "cancer". For this reason, it is necessary to demonstrate safety by conducting long-term experiments with various animals before applying to people, it takes time to be introduced to actual treatment.

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