Devices that "burn" the skin and treat burns like inkjet printers are nearing practical use

In the United States, donor shortage is a serious problem, as the number of operations is nearly flat, despite the fact that patients waiting to transplant have doubled in the past 10 years.

In order to solve this, instead of transplanting the organization from outside, you can use your cell to recover "Regenerative medicineResearch in the field has been actively conducted in recent years, but the research team in the United States has developed a treatment method like SF as developing and practicing it as printing and reproducing cells on the skin for treatment such as burns It was.

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Inkjet-like device 'prints' cells right over burns | Reuters

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The method named "bioprinting" was developed in the state of North Carolina, USAWake Forest UniversityResearch team.

In the treatment, a part of the skin is first sampled,FibroblastsYaKeratinocytesSeparated into cells such as. After growing in the culture area, set on a spraying device which is similar to inkjet printer, spray the appropriate amount of skin cells while scanning the depth and size of the burn with the laser.

Blown skin cells have differentiation potentialStem cellsBecause it is also mixed, the affected areaHair follicleYaSebaceous glandVarious parts making up the skin will also recover.

Demonstration assuming actual use.

Scan the depth and size of the burn with a laser and spray the appropriate amount of cells to the appropriate place.

By extending the arm, we can cope with burns of the whole body, since the device can be moved to the bedside, the burden of moving the patient is reduced.

In a comparative experiment using a mouse, it means that scratches of 5 weeks in normal skin transplantation surgery total in about 2 weeks, complete wounds in 3 weeks. The next step is to make pigs with tissues resembling more human skin, andAmerica FDA (Food and Drug Administration)Experiments in the human body are also performed waiting for the approval of. In addition, research jointly with the Research Institute of Regenerative Medicine of the US Army is progressing.

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