Progress in baldness treatment, research results that hair has grown when skin is made from stem cells

As of 2020, most of the methods for treating thinning hair are focused on “preventing thinning hair,” and the reality is that methods to completely prevent hair loss and restore hair are not yet developed. In recent studies,

stem cells have been attracting attention as a key to the treatment of thinning hair, but when the skin was newly cultured from the stem cells in the laboratory, the research results that hair grew were published in the scientific journal Nature .

Hair-bearing human skin generated entirely from pluripotent stem cells | bioRxiv

Organs made in vitro in three dimensions are called organoids , but researchers at Harvard University made skin organoids from stem cells in the lab. After culturing for 4 to 5 months, the stem cells grew into multiple layers of 'skin,' including hair follicles , sebaceous glands , neural circuits, muscles, and fat. As a result of transplanting this skin to mice, hair has grown from half of the skin of the mouse, so researchers are using this technique not only for thinning hair treatment but also for patients who have hair loss symptoms due to cancer, burns, skin diseases, etc. I think it will be useful.

“The technology for culturing skin with appendages and producing bioengineered implants has not yet been realized.” We said from Karl Keller, Harvard Medical School. Here, we report on an organoid culture system that produces healthy skin.'

It is said that human skin is a very complex layer that has multiple layers, and that it is important to control the temperature and the amount of water to create the 'sense' in order to create from stem cells. Researchers perfected skin organoids by culturing stem cells, which are capable of forming various cells and tissues in the body, in vitro with various growth factors and chemicals. Some of the completed implants imitate the neural circuits that humans use to get the 'feel'.

It is said that this research has the potential to only perform clinical trials, but at the time of writing the article, 'There are still some questions to use for treating thinning hair,' the researchers said. Says.

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