Headline news on December 19, 2019

Honda Motor Co., Ltd. announced that it has achieved a total of 400 million motorcycles.

Honda | Cumulative global production of Honda motorcycles reaches 400 million units

Honda Motor Co., Ltd. entered the motorcycle market in 1949, the year after its establishment, with the 'Dream D'. In 1958, the long-selling Super Cub first Super Cub C100 was launched. In 1963, we established a factory in Belgium and started overseas production.

Takahiro Yasato, President and Representative Director, made the following comments.

Honda has been providing motorcycles to customers around the world for more than 70 years, making life more convenient and enjoyable. As a result, we were able to achieve 400 million units. We thank our customers and everyone involved in development, manufacturing, sales and service. Going forward, we will do our utmost to provide attractive products that meet the needs and dreams of customers around the world.

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