Headline news on 10th December 2019

The dubbed cast

of the movie “ Night of Shadow Magic Fist ” starring Jackie Chan on Friday, January 17, 2020 was announced.

Mr. Hiroya Ishimaru, who has been in charge of dubbing Jackie for many years, plays the role of Jackie Chan. “I enjoyed playing with Jackie's bright expression for the first time in a long time.

Hiroki Takahashi is in charge of dubbing Yen Chuisha / Tsaichen played by Ethan Ruan .

Saori Hayami will play the role of Xiaoqing played by Elaine Chung .

KENN is the role of Yang Fei, who plays Lynn Bohong. 'I'm very honored to be able to participate in the dubbing of that long-awaited Jackie movie that I watched since I was a child! I think that you can enjoy it regardless of age or gender!

Nana Mizuki is the specter of the mirror played by Rin Pong . “Humorous expression and crisp action! This time, I was nailed to the world weaved by Jackie! I hope you can enjoy both the original and the dubbed version!”


Hiroki Suzuki dubbed three of each of the Chin three brothers in charge of the three Liu brothers. “It was a fun challenge for the three people to synchronize and express their individuality. Please enjoy them at the cinema.”

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