Men are more concerned about 'male breasts' than females


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When I see a woman with big breasts in the city, my eyes go to my breasts ... That isproved by experiments. In addition to this, new studies show that women are less interested in men's breasts, whereas men are more interested in men's breasts as well as women's breasts. ..

Eye-tracking study suggests men are more concerned than women with other men's upper bodies

Sex Differences for Preferences of Shoulder to Hip Ratio in Men and Women: an Eye Tracking Study | SpringerLink

Sexual dimorphisms in which individual traits differ depending on gender are found in many organisms, and in the case of humans, for example, both men and women have female facial features such as 'large lips and small chin' and 'thin lips and large chin' There is a tendency to interpret it as 'attractive' compared to the feature. Similarly, the body shape of 'thin waist and big butt' appears to be 'attractive' in evaluating women, while the feature of 'large chest plate' appears to be attractive in evaluating men. increase. In the case of men, the size of the chest plate is thought to be related to characteristics such as personal safety and food security.


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'If a large chest and upper body are typical attributes of a man, a small woman in the upper body should be considered'feminine'and look attractive.' 'So far, about the various upper body sizes of women. No research was done, so we experimented with how the size of the upper body of men and women affects a person's attractiveness and how people change the way people look at others. ' So, the research team, including Farid Pazhoohi, a psychologist at the University of British Columbia, has published the findings.

In the study, Pazhoohi et al. Recruited 82 heterosexual college students, showed 3D models of male and female types of various body types, and asked them to evaluate the attractiveness of each body type.


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Researchers then found that there was a very noticeable gender difference in assessing the body shape of 3D models.

According to Pazhoohi, male subjects rated 'males with a large upper body' and 'female with a small upper body' as attractive, but female subjects tended to prefer medium sizes for both men and women in 3D models. matter.

Researchers also found that there was no difference in the time that male subjects stared at the male 3D model with a large chest plate for a longer period of time, while female subjects stared at the male 3D model's chest plate for a longer period of time. This means that only men pay attention to the size of the upper body of a man. From this, it can be said that the reason why men want a more masculine body is not only for successful mating but also for assessing the strength of men.

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The results of this experiment are limited, and researchers said that in order to draw more reliable conclusions, it is necessary to target various ethnic groups and increase the types of stimuli. rice field.

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