Why does a woman's "warp of the back" look attractive?

bySteve Liang

Many people think attractive women such as dancers and models pose that wrongly spines the spine. This recognition has crossed the border, and in the scientific research conducted in Portugal, the experimental result that "women look more attractive as warpage of the back increases" was announced.

Arching the Back (Lumbar Curvature) as a Female Sexual Proceptivity Signal: an Eye-Tracking Study | Springer Link

Why arched backs are attractive | EurekAlert! Science News

A research team led by Mr. Farid Pazhoohi, an evolutionary biologist at the University of Minnesota in Portugal, created six female models that were adjusted in 3D modeling so that the "warpage" of the back gradually differs depending on the back. Eighty-two graduate students who were subjects showed each model from the front, sides, and the back, tracked the movement of the line of sight with eye tracking, and evaluated the subjects how attractive each model was reflected It was said that it was.

Experimental results revealed that slight warping of the back affected the evaluation of subjects' female attractive. In both men and women, it seems that there was a tendency to highly appreciate that as the warp of the back of the model gets bigger, it is attractive.

Also, as for the result of eye tracking, it turned out that it is long time to see the back side more than the frontal side or side face regardless of gender. At this time, women tended to focus around the waist for a long time, while men said they tended to focus on the buttocks.

In the experiment intended for the animal, such as carried out the sheep and ferrets in the past, the meaning of "before 弯姿 biased" has been confirmed. Low position corresponding to part of the spine protruding abdomen side "lumbar lordosis" has been as an indication that the female is ready for mating. Pazhoohi said, we believe that it would be look attractive in order to lumbar lordosis is considered a signal that "it is possible to receive a courtship" is also in human beings.

byElmo Love

"I think visual attention towards the butt and it is attractive point shows the possibility that the lumbar lordosis shows the willingness to receive women's compatibility and courtship, It may explain why women wear high heels and explain why women look attractive when wearing high heels, "Pazhoohi said.

byPaulina Spencer

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