From the result of analyzing TikTok, it is reported that `` TikTok is violating multiple laws ''


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German journalist Matthias Ebel analyzed the video sharing app “ TikTok ” and found that “TikTok clearly restricts the freedom of expression of users, ensuring legality, reliability, transparency, and data protection. From the perspective, I am working with multiple frauds. '

Privacy Analysis of TikTok's App and Website | Rufposten

Wie TikTok seine Nutzer ü

This is a part of the results of analyzing TikTok's communication contents using software called mitmproxy, which allows Ebel to check the communication contents of the smartphone. You can check the code “fb searching string ~ (fb searching string)”.

From this analysis, Mr. Ebel pointed out, “The search words entered in TikTok are being sent to Facebook. This is not in the category of“ legitimate interests and transparency ”.” In this way, handing over information to a third party without the user's permission clearly violates the (PDF file)

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Article 14 which stipulates the obligations of businesses to owners of personal information. Says Ebel.

In addition to Facebook, we know that data is also being transferred to AppsFlyer , a mobile app advertising effectiveness measurement platform. According to Ebel, AppsFlyer has more than 4500 partners, and it is not clear to which data is being transferred, so if you share the obligations of Article 14 GDPR with a third party, It is highly possible that they are in conflict with Article 26 GDPR. `` The most important thing is that these personally identifiable information (PII) being taken to a server in Beijing outside of Europe is a violation of basic rights, rather than GDPR, '' Ebel said. In addition, he indicated that TikTok's handling of personal information violates multiple provisions.

Mr. Ebel also tracks the person who uploaded the video using a unique shortened URL such as `` '' by TikTok, and combined various setting information acquired when communicating with smartphones etc. We also use device fingerprinting to identify devices and track people who viewed the video.

In device fingerprinting on smartphones, OS version and device specifications are

often used, but TikTok also collects audio fingerprints recorded when the device generates audio from the bitstream, It is said that it has been specified.

Mr. Ebel also mentioned that TikTok frozen the account of a 17-year-old girl who criticized Uyghur oppression by `` human error '' and restricted the reach of postings by people with disabilities, etc. “From the point of view of freedom of expression, clearly there are restrictions on users,” he pointed out.

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by Nathan Anderson

In addition, Ebel has found that TikTok uses free software such as Zepto.js, a JavaScript library created by Thomas Fuchs, but TikTok needs the appropriate software to use these free software. It is said that the license notation is not done. From these analysis results, Mr. Ebel said, “TikTok is not only using data from teenagers, but also violates various laws,” he said that legal regulation is necessary. Showed.

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