A number of store-level dishes are completed with “put in ingredients and left”, and a size for one person appeared in the “hot cook” of smartphone cooperation that can also cook at low temperature, I tried using new functions etc.

Sharp's waterless automatic cooking pot ' Helsio Hot Cook ' has been acclaimed since it first appeared in 2015 and has been acclaimed as 'delicious food can be completed by leaving ingredients alone.' Until now, there was only a family size, 1.6L model and 2.4L model, but the new ' Hot Cook KN-HW10E ' with a capacity of 1.0L for one person is from November 28, 2019 Has appeared. The 1.6L hot cook has

been reviewed in 2017 , but since then new functions have been installed, and the hot cook KN-HW10E can also make `` two-stage cooking '' that can make two items at once, so the actual machine I borrowed it and used it.

Hersio Hot Cook: Sharp

Waterless Automatic Cooking Pot “Helsio Hot Cook” Released | News Release: Sharp

table of contents:
◆ 1: How much smaller than the previous model?
◆ 2: I selected a recipe from my smartphone and tried to make curry exactly at the time I aimed with one button
◆ 3: How is the finish different from pressure cookers and slow cookers?
◆ 4: I tried “two-stage cooking” that can make two dishes at the same time
◆ 5: I tried to bring out the deliciousness of steak to the maximum by cooking at 55 degrees

◆ 1: How much smaller than the previous model?
Hot cook KN-HW10E-W arrives.

When I opened the box, it contained a hot cook body, instruction manual, recipe collection, power cord, and mixing technique unit.

The hot cook body looks like this. There are white and black colors, and this time we borrowed white.

The top is 220mm wide x 305mm deep and looks like this when compared to the iPhone SE, which has a total length of 123.8mm.

The height is 240mm.

Operation unit on the lid. At the bottom of the panel, there are 'Heat / Takeshike', 'Reservation', 'Listen', 'Return' and 'Start' buttons from the left.

The back is like this. The power plug is visible at the bottom right of the screen. The rated power consumption is 350W.

Looking from the side like this.

The biggest feature of Hot Cook KN-HW10E is its size. The basic functions are the same as the standard

1.6L type , but for 1-2, the capacity has been reduced to 1.0L, and the footprint has been reduced accordingly. The left side of the image below is the new 1.0L type, and the right side is the 1.6L type. Since the 1.0L type is 220mm wide and the 1.6L type is 364mm wide, the required space changes considerably.

It looks like this from the top. The 1.0L type is 305mm wide and the 1.6L type is 283mm deep.

Open the lid ...

I took out the contents. The inner pot, steaming tray, inner lid, steam outlet cover, and sauce holder can be removed and washed.

The inner pot has a line 'Water level MAX' written on it, and it is necessary to put the liquid within the range that fits in this line. Rice can be cooked up to 3 go.

When you plug in the power cord ...

The power turned on automatically. The hot cook itself has 63 automatic cooking menus registered by default, and cooking is performed automatically without setting the time and temperature by simply selecting the dish name from “Select Menu”. In addition, there is a menu called “Create manually” that allows you to manually set the cooking category and heating time.

Also, if you install an application called “

COCORO KITCHEN ” from the App Store or Google Play and connect it to the HotCook main unit, you can send menus that are not registered in the main unit to the main unit from the app, without having to search the menu on the main unit panel, It is also possible to have you cook automatically.

What kind of food is possible with hot cook? That can also be confirmed from the attached recipe collection.

This is the table of contents. In addition to 63 automatic menu items, 17 manual menu items are listed. In the case of cooking home appliances, there is no good recipe to buy, but you have to experiment and use it yourself, and try and error repeatedly. However, in the case of hot cook, the official recipe Thanks to that, it is a great merit to be able to make various dishes from the day of purchase.

Recipes are categorized into “boiled”, “curry and stew”, “soup”, “boiled”, “steamed”, “noodles”, “two-stage cooking”, “fermentation / low-temperature cooking”, and “confectionery / bread” with photos . Both are easy to complete in about 3 steps.

There was also a menu that could be said to have almost no effort, just put the fillet fish and seasonings into the hot cook and press the button to complete the boiled fish.

◆ 2: I selected a recipe from my smartphone and tried to make curry exactly at the time I aimed with one button
So, I will try using hot cook. Hot cooks can be cooked in a variety of ways, but the main feature is that they can perform “anhydrous cooking” that uses only the moisture of the ingredients to confine umami. First, try making keema curry with anhydrous cooking. Prepare curry roux, tomato, paprika, onion, eggplant and shrimp meat.

All you need to do is cut the material.

Now ready.

Many cooking appliances, including slow cookers, cannot be 'mixed' during heating, but in the case of a hot cook, a mixing unit can be attached to automatically stir during heating. For this reason, the finished dish cannot be tasted. Attach the mixing unit to the inner lid.

When you close the lid, the stirring rod will extend into the inner pot like this.

Add ingredients and level.

Now you can prepare by closing the lid. The cooking menu can be selected on the main unit panel as follows ...

How to operate `` Hot Cook KN-HW10E '' looks like this-YouTube

By scrolling the app's home screen, you can select recipes from various menus and send recipes from here to the Hot Cook itself. Choose the menu you want to make ...

Press “Send to Hot Cook”.

Then select “Download Menu” on the main unit panel ....

Since it is displayed as Key McCurray, all you have to do is press “Start”. The hot cook will perform the best cooking without the user setting the temperature and time.

In addition, when the start button was pressed, he told me, “If you press the reservation button, you can make a reservation.” Try pressing the reservation button.

In this way, you can specify the completion time of the dish up to 15 hours later, so if you reserve a return time before leaving the morning house, you can eat freshly made when you go home. In addition, as soon as cooking begins, the temperature in the hot pot is raised to 100 degrees, so you can rest assured that the ingredients will not be damaged even if you put raw food in the hot pot. Of the 63 automatic cooking menus, only 17 can be reserved at the time of article creation.

You can also change the reservation time from the app. From the “Cooking / Save History” tab at the top right of the screen, select “Kema Curry” during cooking.

Tap “Change reservation time”.

Change the completion time of cooking from the following screen and press “Confirm” ……

Tap 'Send changes' when asked 'Do you want to send changes with this content?' This will change the reservation of the main unit via the cloud.

If you are making boiled food or curry, you need to turn on the fire, but in the case of hot cook, it is a great place to work on other tasks such as work or housework because it is automatic electric cooking. It fulfills the needs of people who want to save the cooking effort as much as possible, but want to eat delicious rice made at home.

The state during heating is as follows. A little steam goes up from the steam port at the back of the main body, but there is almost no operating noise.

There is almost no operating sound of hot cook while cooking-YouTube

Keema curry heating time is 25 minutes. In the case of reservation cooking, it automatically shifts to the warming mode, so there is no worry if you go out and get home late. When I looked into the pot after completion, the meat was a little outside the pot, probably because the mixing unit worked.

Stir lightly.

The completed Keema curry looks like this.

When I ate it, the amount of water I couldn't imagine using water. Perhaps because of the moisture from the vegetables, the sweetness and mellowness of the vegetables are felt as a whole, and you can see that the umami of the meat and vegetables is concentrated.

Vegetables such as eggplant and paprika are incredibly trotting, and the perfection level is distinct from our curry. “The curry is worth buying just because it can be eaten on a daily basis ...” The finish is so commented that not only has the advantage of saving time, but the completeness of the dish is also very high. It is.

◆ 3: How is the finish different from pressure cookers and slow cookers?
Next, challenge oden that you want to eat in the cold winter. Prepare 5cm radish, 1 potato, 1 deep-fried sweet potato and 1 chikuwa, 2 boiled eggs, beef streaks, broth, soy sauce, sake, mirin, etc. The recipe ingredients can be adjusted to your liking, but only the kneaded material will become large when boiled, so it is necessary to keep the prescribed amount.

When adding ingredients, be careful not to let the soup stock and seasonings cross the “water level MAX” line.

This can also be done by sending a recipe from the app and pressing “Start”.

Oden is heated for 1 hour.

After one hour, you will hear the completion by voice. For menus other than reserved cooking, it is necessary to shift to warming manually after completion.

This time, when I opened the lid immediately without keeping it warm, the kneaded material was quite inflated. Ingredients came out of the soup stock a little, but you can see from the appearance that all the ingredients are soaked in the stock.

I put it on a plate.

. Simmering the radish with a pressure cooker or slow cooker makes it so soft that it can be cut with a chopstick without force, but hot cooks are simply boiled instead of applying pressure or applying for a long time It is characterized by a little solidity. It has the same softness as cooking for 1 hour in a normal pot. Although the taste is not soaked to the inside, you can feel the flavor of the dashi stock.

The beef streaks were not in a trot state, but had a soft texture but a crisp texture.

Eggs are seasoned so firmly that 'Is it so far in 1 hour?' Rather than eating immediately after cooking is finished, it seems that you can enjoy a deeper oden by keeping it warm for a while.

The pastes such as chikuwa and fried satsuma are soaked in taste and fluffy texture. Overall, it was finished like an oden you bought or bought at a store, and it was a perfection that you could easily eat.

◆ 4: I tried “two-stage cooking” that can make two dishes at the same time
The 1.0L type hot cook is capable of “two-stage cooking” where two types of menus can be cooked at the same time by using the attached steaming tray. This time, from the app menu, choose 'Saba tomato boiled & steamed vegetables'. Prepare your favorite vegetables, tomato cans and mackerel cans.

Stuffed vegetables in steamed trays ...

Boiled mackerel in the inner pot ...

Add tomato cans, 3 mini tomatoes, 50g sliced onion, and 1 tablespoon olive oil.

Then put the inner pot in the hot cook, and set the steaming tray on it.

Send recipes from the app and push the start button. The heating time is 25 minutes.

After completion, open the lid ...

I tried it on a plate.

First of all, when I tried steamed vegetables, the pumpkin was so soft that it could be broken just by lightly pushing it with a chopsticks. When it was lifted, it was almost broken. It has a sticky texture and strong sweetness, so it can be eaten with the taste of the vegetables themselves without adding any flavor.

Onions and paprika are also fluffy.

Broccoli is soft enough to be cut with a chopstick, and even an editorial staff member who says “I do n’t like the original texture of broccoli” commented, “This is delicious.” When vegetables are steamed in a rice cooker, water accumulates at the bottom of the inner pot and the vegetables become watery, but the steaming tray has a hole in the bottom, so moisture falls down, and the vegetables in the tray are fluffy Finished.

The finish of the vegetables can be confirmed from the following movie.

Hot cook's soft steamed vegetables look like this-YouTube

The mackerel cooked in tomatoes originally uses mackerel cans, so it's natural that it is soft, but it's hot and warm to the inside. It can be said that cooking two items at the same time is certainly convenient both in terms of labor and time. In addition, the official recipes included menus such as “Chinese buns & soup”, “green soybeans & meat tofu”, and “cheese fondue”.

The editorial staff who was eating while being impressed by the steamed vegetables said, “Kaomangai made with a rice cooker is close to stew, so chicken tends to pass, but can this make a real Khaomangai?” I asked, so I tried it.

This was completed.

When I ate it, it was true that the chicken wasn't stuffy at all, and it was crisp and juicy. In addition, the rice cooker's Khao Mangai tends to make chicken strangely, but in the case of hot cook, chicken is not placed directly on the rice and cooked, but placed on a steaming tray for cooking chicken. While the rice was sucking the meat juice, the smell was not felt and I was able to make something closer to the finish of the shop. Tools for steaming at home are necessary, but both vegetables and meat can be steamed without tools, so it is easy to cook without using oil at home, even for those who care about health It fits well.

◆ 5: I tried to bring out the deliciousness of steak to the maximum by cooking at 55 degrees
And for those who like cooking, the fermentation and low-temperature cooking menu is likely to be active. In this menu, the temperature can be set in 1 degree increments from 35 to 65 degrees and in 5 degree increments from 65 to 90 degrees. The heating time can be set up to 16 hours, and can be specified in 1 minute increments for the first hour and in 1 hour increments thereafter. Therefore, in addition to

being able to mass-produce yogurt using commercially available yogurt as seeds, it was also possible to produce low-temperature cooked steaks that maximize the ability of meat, so I tried challenging steaks. First, prepare steak, butter and garlic.

Sprinkle butter and sliced garlic on the steak and put it in a ziplock. Use water pressure to release air and close the seal.

The manual menu cannot be set from the app, so select 'Create manually' on the main unit panel ...

Press 'Fermentation and low temperature cooking'.

The temperature when cooking meat at low temperature depends on the type and thickness of the meat, and the taste of the finish, but this time it is set to 55 degrees because it aims for medium rare.

The time can be specified in 1 minute increments using the arrow buttons, so set it to 1 hour.

After 1 hour, the heated meat is a little brownish.

If this is baked in a high heat frying pan for 30 seconds on one side ...

Incredibly juicy meat is completed. Normally, when steak is baked at home, it will harden, become crisp, and baked unevenness will be born, but by heating at 55 degrees for 1 hour, the heat will pass through the whole. The surface is crisp, but the inside is uniform and moist. Medium rare with gravy spilling at the moment you raise your teeth.

This is because the low temperature cooking exceeds the denaturation temperature of myosin, which makes the meat elastic and feels umami, but the actin denaturation temperature of 66 ° C, which begins to squeeze out the moisture of water. Because it does not exceed. Low-temperature cooking can be eaten to maximize the taste of meat, but the low-temperature cooker (

vacuum cooker ) is only 10,000 to 20,000 yen, so this function is installed in the hot cook Has become a very convenient place.

When actually used, it is possible to drastically reduce the time and effort of regular cooking, and it is easy to use so that those who want to cook can make elaborate dishes. The hot cooks so far have had the difficulty of occupying the kitchen because it has a wide design, but it is also a point that it is easy to store and size. On the other hand, because it is a small size, it is not suitable for “preparation”, and if you use the official recipe, ingredients such as “half tomato cans” may be left halfway. However, if you want to cook at home, there is no doubt that your daily diet will be upgraded, so it seems good to choose while looking at the place `` Would you like to make it or just for the day? '' is.

In addition, Helio Hot Cook 1.0L can be purchased at Amazon with 44,340 yen including tax at the time of article creation.

Amazon | Sharp Hersio Hot Cook 1.0L Anhydrous Pan Automatic Cooking Wireless LAN Compatible Black KN-HW10E-B | Sharp (SHARP) | Home & Kitchen Mail Order

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