Peach x Pear x Peach & Peach Tea Soda tasting review of Ana Snow Package that produces an unknown fruit taste

Afternoon Tea Peach & Pair Tea Soda ” will be available for a limited time on Tuesday, November 19, 2019. I was able to get one pair ahead, so I actually drank what kind of finish it was.

'Kirin Afternoon Tea Peach & Pair Soda' New Release on Tuesday, November 19 | 2019 | News Release | Kirin

This is 'Kirin Afternoon Tea Peach & Pair Tea Soda'

The front side of the package is decorated with peach and no pear.

The back is a design label by Disney of ' Frozen 2 ' released on Friday, November 22, 2019.

Ingredients are thigh juice (from Spain), fructose glucose liquid sugar, black tea / carbonic acid, acidulant, flavor, sweetener (acesulfame K, sucralose), caramel color.

Calories are 6.4kcal per 100ml. Since the content is 450ml, it will be 28.8kcal per bottle.

When poured into a glass, the scent of peach rose with the sound of swarfing carbonation.

When I drank it, the first thing that came was the peach flavor and the natural sweetness. While the taste of peaches and pearless fruits is gorgeous, the taste of black tea is hardly felt. Overall, the sweetness of the peach is strong, but the mouth is refreshing. Carbonate, peach, and pear are all well-balanced to create a fruity taste that has never been eaten.

Retail price excluding consumption tax of “Afternoon Tea Peach & Pair Tea Soda” is 140 yen. Available at retail stores such as convenience stores and supermarkets nationwide from Tuesday, November 19, 2019. sells a set of 24 for 2446 yen (102 yen per bottle).

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