Muscat's fresh sweetness spread for a limited time `` Koiwai Junsui Muscat '' tasting review

Koiwai Junsui Muscat ” using Muscat raised from Kirin Beverage at a designated farm has appeared on Tuesday, August 27, 2019. The “Koiwai Junsui Juice” series has been released to date such as “

Koiwai Junsui Apple ” and “ Koiwai Junsui Mikan ”, but “Koiwai Junsui Muscat” will be released as an autumn flavor for a limited time I tried drinking it right away.

'Koiwai Pure Water Muscat' New Release on Tuesday, August 27 | 2019 | News Release | Kirin

A fresh muscat is drawn on the package.

For a limited time, it was marked for limited shipment.

Coloring and preservatives are not used, and the juice is less than 10%.

The content is 430ml, and there is a note that says “please swallow before drinking” ...

If you pour it thoroughly, the sweet scent of Muscat will spread. The drink was whitish and was more like a real color than the muscat skin.

If you take a sip, you will have a strong taste of Muscat in your mouth. The mouth feels light and the astringency peculiar to Muscat is felt a little, but overall the sweetness is stronger. After drinking, it was a refreshing drink that left no sweetness in the mouth.

“Koiwai Junsui Muscat” is available for a limited time from August 27, 2019 (Tuesday), and can be purchased at retail stores nationwide for 140 yen (excluding tax). At, 24 sets were available for purchase at 2835 yen (tax included) at the time of article publication.

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