Variety program “Nagisuke!” By Tsuyoshi Kusanagi & Yusuke Santa Maria appears on Amazon Prime Video exclusive distribution

Takeshi Kusanagi and Yusuke Santamaria “Two people who can't get hooked” are trying to increase the hobby of adults, and every time they try various projects and seek “something to get hooked on” Nagisuke! ”Will be distributed exclusively on Amazon Prime Video from Thursday, December 19, 2019.

The announced key visual looks something like this.

Speaking of Kusanagi & Yusuke's combination, it is a famous combination that will be grouped together with “Mr. Suke” in the “Pu” Suma ”variety program that was broadcast for about 20 years from October 1998 to March 2018. In “Nagisuke!”, You will be able to see two shots for the first time in one year and nine months.

The comments of the two people at the beginning of the program are as follows.

How did you feel about the first performance in 1 year and 9 months?

Tsuyoshi Kusanagi:
Do you feel like you have changed and haven't changed? I'm looking forward to building a good relationship again.

Yusuke Santamaria:
Tsuyoshi is already finished, so it will not change even if you meet after a long time. 'Oh! It ’s about a long time. That is what we are natural. Of course, I'm happy to meet you!

What is the attraction when the two of “Nagisuke!” Come together?

Is n’t it loose? There is a place where I do not do anything bad, so I am sorry for the program staff to think about various plans, but there are things like interesting things that only come up there in real life. Please refrain from that (laughs)
But when you're working hard, you're doing it, so isn't it attractive to create such a realistic documentary laugh? I'm saying it myself!

The two of “Nagisuke!” Are often called “weakness”?

I'm doing other programs properly, I can't make progress (laughs) Just because I and Tsuyoshi have been doing it all the time, it doesn't turn on, it turns off, or it turns off It has a spear. That's why I'm not going to be weak or lazy. It doesn't mean it's too natural, it's natural. Isn't that why it is said to be weak? Oh, it's going to be done with Tsuyoshi!

Please give a word to the fans who are looking forward to “Nagisuke!”!

The program starts with everyone and Yusuke Santamaria. I am really looking forward to it and I hope to grow as a man through this program. I think it will be a wonderful program, so please check it out. I want the fans who support me to see it the most. Thank you!

Tsuyoshi and “Nagisuke! I decided to do another program.
I'm sure there are many people who are looking forward to it, and people who don't care, but we are happy to be able to do the program together anyway, so we are doing this program only with that feeling. Please watch it if you like!

“Nagisuke!” Will be distributed exclusively on Amazon Prime Video from December 19, 2019 (Thursday). Every Thursday update, 5 episodes will be delivered at once.

“Nagisuke! `` 15 seconds trailer-YouTube

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