Experts talk about the unnaturalness of Jeffrey Epstein's death, who had exchanged with the president and the royal family and who made `` mysterious suicide '' while detained on charges of prostitution


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Defendant Jeffrey Epstein , an American businessman who had friendships with the president and the British royal family, was announced to have committed 'suicide' during his detention on charges of prostitution. However, this suicide was unnatural enough to be commented by experts as “very rare suicide”. The American daily newspaper “Miami Herald” interviews the pathologist who actually performed the autopsy of Defender Epstein, and approaches the truth of “mysterious death”.

Epstein's death consistent with strangulation, expert says. | Miami Herald

July 8, 2019, Trump President and former President Bill Clinton, millionaire was in Andrew Prince, et al. And the friendship of the United Kingdom United States, Epstein defendant in the crime was sexually exploited dozens girl of minors have been prosecuted It was . Defender Epstein was detained at the Metropolitan Correction Center in New York, but on the 15th, he announced that he had committed suicide while in custody. Reuters reports that the Epstein defender has several broken bones in the neck, and experts say that at least a very rare suicide would be caused by a suicide.

US millionaires deceased during detention, broken several places, experts 'are not suicide'-Reuters

According to Miami Herald, Michael Burden, one of the world's leading forensic pathologists, who also participated in Epstein's autopsy, had three fractures on the left and right of Epstein's larynx after death States.

According to Dr. Baden, suicide by hanging on the neck is rare, and even three bones are rarely broken. “It's rare for a fracture like this to happen from a suicide on a neck, usually a murder,” says Baden. Also, there seems to have been bleeding from Defender Epstein's eyes, but this is also due to strangling rather than hanging himself.

On the other hand, the opinion of Barbara Sampson, chief medical examiner in New York City, is inconsistent with Dr. Baden. “After research, we concluded that the cause of death of Epstein was due to hanging suicide. We are confident in this decision. We are confident about Epstein ’s family and relatives, I share information about medical investigations with a pathology consultant. The medical investigation was thorough and complete. There is no reason for us to do a second investigation. '

However, according to Mr. Baden, Dr. Christine Lohmann, a pathologist who actually performed the autopsy, questioned that Epstein's cause of death was suicide by hanging himself, and initially said it was 'pending'. However, one week later, Mr. Baden explains that Mr. Sampson changed his cause of death to 'suicide.'


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Mr. Baden has previously been involved in death investigations, including a parliamentary investigation of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. For nearly 50 years, Mr. Baden has been a member of the New York State Commission and has seen what death in prisons has looked like.

Mr. Baden sees a picture of the cell after moving Epstein's body. In the photo, there was a trace of the ligation used for medical treatment from the orange bed. Also, although it seems that it does not remain as a document, Mr. Baden said about the situation at that time 'a prison officer found a body with an orange ligature wrapped around the neck and one side tied to the top of the bunk bed' I received a report. In this regard, Mr. Baden said, “In spite of the fact that the body was found 3 hours after death and it was clear that it was dead, the prison officer called the emergency medical service and photographed the body. I pointed out that it was suspicious.

Two prison officers assigned to monitor Epstein defendants at 30-minute intervals fell asleep, and suicide was reported to have occurred during that time. At this time, some security cameras were not working and it was clear that there was a security problem in the detention center. Although more information was needed before concluding that Epstein defendant's death was suicide, Mr. Sampson's remarks indicate that no further investigation is done.

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Mr. Baden, who has been involved in autopsy of nearly 20,000 cases so far, in his career for nearly 50 years, `` a case in which a detainee committed suicide when his detention officer slept '' I have never seen a 'case found'. In the hang, the carotid artery is compressed, restricting blood flow to the brain and dying. Mr. Epstein said that Epstein's neck had a fracture, which meant that power was added.

The day before the corpse of Defendant Epstein was found, a woman named Virginia Robert Jeffrey testified that the man was assigned to Defendant Epstein for prostitution. The men included in this testimony included prominent individuals in various fields such as politics, finance, science and charity, but the named men denied Jeffrey's allegations.

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